Advice for the Weekend



I always find it so interesting when you receive an unexpected gift at just the right time.

Yesterday my friend, Kareem, gave me some amazing advice that I want to share with you all as we prepare for the weekend.

After chatting about Shampagne and the usual “How are you’s?” and “What projects do you have coming up?” I asked him if he had any advice about how to balance life as the creative lives we lead grow busier. This is what he said…

“Follow your bliss.

Structure your time.

Don’t feel bad being selfish.

Set deadlines.

Challenge yourself.

Be protective of your creativity.

Be generous with your creativity.


Drink plenty of water.

Trust your tribe.

Have fun!”

Pretty great words don’t you think? As we begin the winter thaw, and watch the days long and the grass and flowers grow high, remember these words as you tackle your projects and dreams.

If I could add only one thing to this list it would be: Don’t forget to breathe!

Ciao 🙂

Tuesday Thoughts


Tuesday Thoughts

Super busy week ahead for me! With rehearsals (for Midsummer Night’s Dream), auditions (for touring companies in and out of state), training (for additional positions at my day job), and selling (continuing my training in jewelry selling in Brooklyn), I can admit that the visit from hometown friends (Andrew) and a long weekend away (mom/daughter time in D.C.) have refreshed and revitalized me for all that lies ahead!!

Saw this photo on Pinterest this morning and was the perfect reaffirmation of words my mother shared with me over dinner our last night in the nation’s capital.

Have a great Tuesday and be on the lookout for a Washington-themed Wandering Wednesday tomorrow.


Ciao 🙂