Marching To The Beat of My Own Drum


It has taking me a while to settle on a theme for the month of March, but by George!, I’ve finally found one. On the first of many picturesque March days to come this past Sunday, I realized that it was time to do something that I really liked and needed. Live theatre! There really is nothing like it, from the box office, to the anticipation before the curtain, to the performance itself, nothing gets my heart pumping like good theatre. Exiting Roundabout, where I had just seen “Little Children Dreaming of a Lesser God,” I realized that I’m giving myself permission to be a little selfish with my time this month. Going to plays, pampering myself, focusing on what is good for me in terms of spiritual, physical, emotional and professional well-being is a great way to close out winter and say “Hello” to cheery springtime weather.

I firmly decided to take a quick vacation down South, to spend time with my family, I’m going to start taking ballet classes again, do a little something fun with my look, and continue to focus on my faith and fitness. (Fierce February really got me into some good habits). I am excited to see what the next few weeks will bring and with the March thaw, I intend to continue my love of self, the city, and all of the adventures that await me down the road.

Ciao 🙂

Happy Friday!


To celebrate my first Rising Circle event-a-palooza as a full-fledged member, here’s a little “foxy” fun! Lyrics are below. 🙂

*I originally posted a short bit of this on Instagram to celebrate my involvement in the One-Minute Play Festival.

A Winner never quits
And a quitter never wins
I thought about what I wanted
And you were on my list

[Verse 2: Justin Timberlake]
Remember where I was?
In the desert with no love
No cactus’s, just dust
And you swept me from above

[Refrain: Both]

[Pre-Chorus: Both]
So I just wanna say
Thank you for this day
Cause it is so good
Good Honey

[Chorus: Both]
You got me feelin’ brand new (brand new)
You got me feelin’ brand new (brand new)
Like the tag’s still on me
Like the tags still on me
Jumpin’ ’round in your bag
Jumpin’ ’round in your bag
So good morning, ooh girl
You are the feeling I’m jammin’ to (brand new)
You are the feeling I’m jammin’ to (brand new)
Like the tag’s still on me
Got the tags still on me

[Refrain x2: Both]

[Verse 3: Pharrell]
Life to me is easy
People make it complicated
When love is the tool
No reason we can’t make it

[Verse 4: Justin Timberlake]
Come on, let’s go, be brave
Feel somethin’ at the [?]
Once we know that amaze
Then give it all away

[Refrain: Both]


[Chorus: Both]

[Bridge: Both]
All my life, when I describe
What I want, I’ve been misunderstood
The more I try, at bein’ satisfied
And didn’t think that I could
But then you came along, and you made me strong
Like God said you would

Ciao 🙂



Whoa boy!

January came in quietly for me and now I am FULL-SPEED AHEAD! I don’t know if my vision board has anything to do with it, whether my focus is finally where it needs to be, in terms of who, what, when, and where and why, or if  divine favor is shining down on me. All I know for sure is that this has been without a doubt a great month for me, teaching, working, acting, auditioning, and broadening my scope in the theatre world, FULL-SPEED AHEAD.

While this post is short and sweet, I wanted to leave you with another quote from The Alchemist this week, to give you a nudge this Tuesday. Let me know if it helps you in or out of your current situation in the comment section below. Have a great day, and do at least one thing today, that will make you proud tonight.

“We warriors of light must be prepared to have patience in difficult times and to know that the universe is conspiring in our favor, even though we may not understand how.”

Paulo Coehlo- The Alchemist

Ciao 🙂

Throwback Thursday


Today’s “Throwback Thursday” features Christmas Trees! I am totally getting into the holiday spirit you guys! Willow and I have been buying decorations, our first free standing tree, and last night we had a great little tree-trimming time as Love Actually played in the background. Since Tuesday I have been listening to my Spotify Christmas Tunes playlist, and stopping at each and every Christmas tree stand to take a big whiff of the evergreen freshness.

Even as I write this I am being serenaded by the Boyz II Men, Christmas Interpretations album (lol). As I watch the world awake to the injustices and inequalities that pepper our society, I find a resounding peace and serenity in the true meaning of this season. Being surrounded by loved ones, blessed to see another holiday season, and finding the resolve to make it to another year when so many have not been as fortunate. I am still combing through my mind to come to terms with current events, but as I do, it’s comforting to know that there are still so many positive things in my life right now that I can hold on to.

Enjoy these Throwback photos featuring: my mom, Kyla, Cynthia, and a baby Ava!

Ciao 🙂




Tuesday Thoughts



tears can tear, ripping your seams apart

exposing the underbelly of your being you fight to conceal.

small drops of water that can express

uncertainty, pain, joy, and irritation caused by an unknown source.

droplets, which combined together, comprise our whole.

the whole, which can smell, see, hear, taste and touch the person who we hold most dear

the experiences which brought unmistakable change

the day you replay over and over to no end until those dammed streams breach the walls

and rush to uncontrolled deluge, swallowing you whole, drowning you in immense emotions

preventing you from catching your breath and swimming to shore, safety , home

the place or person you see as your anchor, your solid rock, your soft hands that can wipe the tears away

and help put your heart and soul together again


Wordy Wednesday


I don’t even know if I can preface a post with the phrase: “The older I get the more I…” but I feel that intro is apropos for this week’s Wordy Wednesday.

The older I get the more I…

begin to learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to my relationships. Now in the context of this post I’m merely looking at relationships from the friend viewpoint and not the “significant other” category (seeing how I don’t have one). Over the past week I’ve come to understand the power of words, how those words should or should not be communicated, and that no matter how open you perceive a friendship to be there are always lines that should and should not be crossed. Yeah sure I’m speaking in generalities, but I don’t believe the specifics of this tale need to be known for my discovery to be effective.

I have to admit that this was a hard lesson to learn but because of it, I was able to reconnect with other friends, make myself vulnerable to someone new in my life, who embraced me fully and listened to all I had to say as I finally voiced my frustration and confusion, and (this is so actor-y of me) able to push myself to a new level in terms of my scene work for the production I’m starring in at the end of the month. Talking to my mother about it was also an interesting experience in and of itself because I haven’t really talked to her about these kinds of issues in such a way before, and, as always, she listened wholeheartedly and gave me the advice I needed to handle the situation with grace while at the same time hitting me across the head with some Eppes schooling. (haha)

This post may seem very longwinded but I just wanted to put it out there if anybody else happens to find themselves in a similar situation. Remember that words can hurt, not all of your opinions need to be heard out loud, and whether or not you think a friend can hear and handle what you have to say, keep in mind that they have opinions too and what they think and understand to be true to them holds just as much weight.