Wandering Wednesday


As you read this, I should be en route to St. Thomas for sun, fun, sand and relaxation! This year’s birthday trip takes me to the Caribbean and my bestie Cynthia’s new home. 🙂

(You can be jealous, I won’t blame you!)

Can’t wait to recap my trip here, but until next week, here’s my Wandering Wednesday post, which winds down 8th Avenue from 42nd street to the High Line in Chelsea.


Happy Friday


As I stated on Monday, each Friday post this month will be a dedicated “Flashback Friday” as I go three months at a time through 2014. This week it’s January-March! I sadly learned that I somehow forgot to back up my January photos, so I’ll only be able to repost the ones that originally appeared that month, but for February and March I’ll add a few in the slideshow that you haven’t seen! Hope you enjoy my trip down memory lane.

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