The “Certainty” of May


So, for the past few months I have been OBSESSED with Ibrahim Maalouf’s album “Wind.” If you don’t know who I’m talking about look him up, an incredible jazz musician. On the album, there is one track that I kept coming to again and again, Certainty.The notes are smooth and lush, when you think of a great kickback melody that you can read a book too with a delicious glass of wine on your nightstand, this is that song!

As my birthday rapidly approaches, I can’t help but laugh at my favorite song of choice. The career I have chosen is anything but “certain,” life as a whole is definitely not “certain,” but what I want to build upon this month is the certainty in my choices. As my mother often reminds me, Life is all about your choices, and I am choosing to make sound ones (excuse the pun).

My resolution for 2015 was to be persistent and consistent, and while I may have fallen off the wagon a bit, my goals are still crystal clear, and my handy Vision Board is a constant reminder of what I want to accomplish this year. May is currently filled with performances (Private Lives and staged readings), work (day job and jewelry selling), and friendship celebrations and rekindling (graduations, reunions, visits galore). Tons of great things to look forward to, yeah?

The theme of March definitely bled into April and that drum is still leading the way! “May” you have a great month and see the many opportunities that are waiting for you.

Ciao 🙂

Disappearance of Melissa????


Bonjour one and all!

I am alive! I have just been extremely busy/uninspired/overwhelmed/creatively empowered this month. So much has been happening in April that I haven’t been able to focus on a theme for the month, much less take a deep breath!  Between rehearsals, performances, a quick trip home, to dog sitting, living in Queens for a week, taking tons of behind the scenes photos, to seeing amazing shows, supporting friends, planning brunch reunions, teaching in jail, and catching up on sleep, I have not been able to put all of my adventures down in the blogosphere!

So, since the month is almost up, don’t expect too many posts in the near future. I have to double down and figure out my time management skills more efficiently to bring you awesome content.

Don’t fret the New York Dreamer is still dreaming and is, in fact, involved in tons of amazing adventures. Recaps, catchups, photo galleries, dance videos and more will come, just not now!

Thanks for hanging in and check out my older posts and Instagram page to keep up with me until then.

Ciao 🙂


Wandering Wednesday!


Wandering Wednesday is BACK! This week features photos from the Westchester Feline Association Cat Show (I kid you not!), my random walk through Riverside and Riverbank State Park, a gorgeous sunset on my walk to the office, and my solo date to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Hope you enjoy!

Ciao 🙂

Wandering Wednesday

Whoa Nelly!

Wednesday definitely got away from me yesterday friends, and I have some great photos to post. So since it’s my blog and I make the rules, just this once, I’m posting “Wandering Wednesday” on a THURSDAY!

bum, bum, bum!!!

So this week’s photos feature the amazing mural on the front of the Century 21 department store across from the World Trade Center, 1 WTC, the Paris Cinema, Hamilton Heights and Time Square.


Harlem Weekend


This last weekend allowed me to truly fall completely in love with my neighborhood! The weather was amazing, almost autumnal. Uptown was alive with an increased hustle and bustle, thanks to Harlem Week, and all of the activities, live music and festivities surrounding it. I was able to hang out with good friends, old and new, and finally get around to some places that were always on my list of things to do!

Nothing beats summer in New York City, everyone is so happy not to be bundled up, quickly moving from place-to-place to keep warm, and the lackadaisical attitude is infectious. Saturday night I got to spend time with Lauren, Brooke and Lindsey at St. Nicholas Park, where we enjoyed a showing of “The Wiz” under the stars. There was such a great vibe, and one of the original cast members of the film was in the audience, and even got up during his part and acted along!

On Sunday, I finally made my way over to the Studio Museum on 125th street, and I think it may become another one of my favorite spots in the city. While it was definitely smaller compared to my other favorite museums on the East Side, that is one of the reasons why I liked it so much. Thanks to the intimacy of the space, I didn’t feel as overwhelmed by the amount of art to see, and didn’t feel as if iI was obstructing other people’s views. I was introduced to the works of Charles Gaines, James Van Der Zee, and Bethany Collins. All of the art spurred great conversation between me and the friend who joined me, which is always a good thing!

While I didn’t take many pictures on Sunday, I did manage to spend time in Marcus Garvey park and catch the live performance happening in the amphitheater. A tribute to the “Women of Soul,” three great women came onto the stage accompanied by a 15-piece live band and sang hits by Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. It was a great end to a pretty phenomenal weekend! Summer is fading fast and I’m glad I got to spend the weekend out and about in the fantastic weather with good friends.

Ciao 🙂