Wandering Wednesday


While I realize it is actually Friday, my Wandering Wednesday post is going live TODAY! Yes, I’ve been busy blah, blah, blah (you can recap that here and here),but this week I started back on my messenger route which means, I’m getting paid to wander the streets of New York and take awesome photos in between stops. This week’s Wandering Wednesday features the pictures I was able to take throughout the month, when my fingers weren’t freezing.

Midtown, the Financial District, City Hall, and West Harlem are featured. Hope you enjoy!

Ciao 🙂

Around Town…


While some of these photos may have been posted I’ve decided to display them again, only this time I’ve learned how to display slideshows and galleries easily thanks to the FAQ section. (thanks wordpress, a little slow to this feature, oops) Don’t worry I’ll try not to abuse this too much, but you gotta admit it’s pretty snazzy!



Wandering Wednesdays



Today marks the beginning of my second week as a Messenger for NYU. While I have been working at the university since my student days, this is the first time where I actually had to get off of my derriere and get to find new pocket of campus as I deliver interoffice mail. As I have been telling several of my close friends and family recently, the ironic part about this job is that I remember towards the end of last year complaining that I wasn’t able to get around the city as much as I’d wished due to busy work and rehearsal schedules. Well! I now consider myself very fortunate that I get paid to walk around mid- and- downtown Manhattan, getting afforded the chance to see City Hall, the Brooklyn Bridge, the ever expanding Washington Square Campus, and Grand Central Terminal on a daily basis. Plus it doesn’t hurt that I get to walk about 10 miles a day, helping me kickstart my healthy exercise habits too 😉  Above is link of some of the great pictures I’ve gotten to take on my route. But if you want to see them, sans slideshow, check out my Instagram feed and look for a more detailed photo post once the job wraps up at the end of the month. Hope you enjoy them!!!