Tuesday Thoughts


Tuesday Thoughts


Finishing the month with one more quote from The Alchemist, which I finished in a fever last week.

“And dreams are the language of God. When He speaks in our language, I can interpret what He has said. But if He speaks in the language of the soul, it is only you who can understand.”

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

I hope your life is incredibly interesting as you pursue your dreams on this last Tuesday of January 2015. Make it count.

Tuesday Thoughts



This week is definitely going to be filled with flurries of activity! But even with all of the hustle and bustle in my present, the quickly looming new year has been in the forefront of my thinking, and because of that this week’s “Tuesday Thoughts” veer strongly towards the quotes I’ve found over the past year that I want to help guide and push me forward in 2015. Hopefully they’ll stir up something in you too! Have a great day everybody!

Ciao 🙂

Tuesday Thoughts


IMG_7804miss: transitive verb, to discover or feel the absence of

i miss you.

it isn’t the physical missing that i feel, but its the constant presence of you.

sure, you’re in my thoughts, my days,

and i hate to admit aloud,

my dreams

but the nearness of you is what i miss

the way the air changes when you’re in it

how the electric spark is not as strong when you go missing


not for long

only for a day, an hour, a moment

but the longing i feel compounds on top of itself and i wonder

is this what happens when you’re miles below the earth

or in deep, dark, unchartered waters

with no flicker of sunlight or starlight remind you of the sky

to discover or feel the absence of you is unfair

because none of these feelings would exist

if you hadn’t discovered


Tuesday Thoughts


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Have a great day today everyone! I have already started my day on a high note and it’s only 11am, and I know that it can only go up from here. If you have the time whether on your lunch break or after you leave the office, just take a minute to look around, see where you are and be proud of all you have done to get to this place and what you can do next to reach even higher.

Ciao 🙂

Tuesday Thoughts



A few weeks ago, my friend Morgan, told me about an article over on The Atlantic’s website she felt I should read. I had, in fact, heard about the article she suggested to me, but felt I wasn’t in the right mind set or mood to read it and had shrugged it off. Well, it just so happened that one Sunday morning while I was working a long shift at my “survival job” I decided to take the time to finally read it. Talk about a bad idea, haha. I don’t mean it was a bad idea in terms of disliking the material, but idea in how I was able to fully engross myself in the text and empathize with the protagonists in the story and how they related to me and my own identity.

The article was called, “The Case for Reparations,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. and can I just say that this piece moved me to tears, rattled my mind with numerous questions, disbelief, awe and left me completely dumbfounded. Woof. That is the best word I can think of to describe my emotional and intellectual state after reading it. As I digested each word of Coates’ thesis, I gobbled it up as if it were new found nourishment for my soul. The way the writer was able to use the politics and social upheaval involved with Chicago housing and neighborhood makeup, unlocked a new level in the nation’s civil rights history. The history of African-Americans in this country, and the socio-economic imbalances that still shape our nation today.

If you’re looking for a dense, yet easily absorbed article to bring up at dinner or at cocktail hour with friends or coworkers, I strongly suggest taking a look at this piece. It really forces you to take a long, hard look at where we as a nation stand, especially after celebrating America’s birthday, and pondering how far we’ve come, what issues have been resolved, swept under the rug, or simply placed on the back burner for another generation (mine) to figure out.

Talk about a deep “Tuesday Thoughts, huh? If you do happen to find time, click on the link above and take a gander. If it’s too much, pace yourself. Coates has divided it into ten chapters to make for easy reading. Just remember, how can we move forward, if we are unwilling to take an objective look at our past?

Ciao 🙂

Tuesday Thoughts



tears can tear, ripping your seams apart

exposing the underbelly of your being you fight to conceal.

small drops of water that can express

uncertainty, pain, joy, and irritation caused by an unknown source.

droplets, which combined together, comprise our whole.

the whole, which can smell, see, hear, taste and touch the person who we hold most dear

the experiences which brought unmistakable change

the day you replay over and over to no end until those dammed streams breach the walls

and rush to uncontrolled deluge, swallowing you whole, drowning you in immense emotions

preventing you from catching your breath and swimming to shore, safety , home

the place or person you see as your anchor, your solid rock, your soft hands that can wipe the tears away

and help put your heart and soul together again