Greetings/Escape From New York



Greetings from Philly! I am breaking my radio silence this morning with a picture from the City of Brotherly Love! My third trip this year, was prompted by the arrival of Jassmine’s little one, my mom is currently in town on business, and to reunite with an old friend from home. It’s going to be a busy weekend πŸ™‚


Happy Friday!


Happy Friday everybody!

Can’t believe the weekend is finally here, because that means I am North Carolina bound, by way of Washington DC. Super excited to see all of my family in Duck, NC for the next eight days, where we will get to spend quality time together laughing, reconnecting and forging new memories. I’m really looking forward to talking with my grandmother (my only living grandparent) about the family tree and stories from Crewe about my mom and her brothers and sisters. I began this project last Thanksgiving and want to continue, working with my mother, and hopefully constructing a physical family tree to begin our family ancestry archive.

I will post a Wandering Wednesday post next week, but all in all, I will be unplugging for the week. So if you miss my updates, check out some of my older posts from the past year and a half until I return to the Big Apple. Or you can watch some of your favorite movies and tv shows on Netflix, Hulu or HBOGO. If the latter applies to you I have a funny PSA to share with you before you get started.

Have a great weekend, week and Labor Day weekend! Hard to believe we’re about to bid another summer adieu.

Ciao πŸ™‚

“June is Bustin’ Out All Over!”



A new month has arrived and with it my birthday! Only six days away, I am so excited to be hitting 25, the year of no-excuses. I say no-excuses because the middle point in my twenty-something years bears significance that I am really no longer a student. I can comfortably begin referring to myself as a woman, and can embrace all that adulthood has to offer me (loans, bills, rental cars, etc.) I think that’s why I am looking forward to the amazing experience I have gifted for myself this year: a trip to San Diego! A five day trip out to the West Coast, where I’ll be able to plan exactly what it is I want to do without having to worry about making other people happy or comfortable. I’m not going to lie to y’all, it’s a bit daunting, but I think that’s exactly what I need it to be. To be able to stand on my own two feet and have this independent vacation help chart how I wish this next year to go. If I feel like taking a day trip to LA I could, but if I don’t, I won’t. I’m not really making any obligations to anyone, except myself, so the trip is sure to include the beach, baseball, aquarium, shopping, the beach, great food, and maybe even a spa day (if I can find a great groupon.) Renting a bike, or just walking around in La Jolla, there are so many things at my disposal to choose from. Fun stuff! And this train of thinking will benefit me in other ways as well. Even here in New York, there are so many things at my disposal, and with the summer in front of me, I am bubbling with anticipation to see how I will come out of it on the other side πŸ™‚

Come on 25! I am ready for you!