Wordy Wednesday


As I sit in my brother’s home, in the quiet of nap time, my niece and nephews sleeping above me and across the hall I came across this passage in a book I’m currently reading and was instantly taken to the time of day described. If you can’t tell I am eagerly awaiting the seasonal change!

“There is a particular kind of afternoon sun that exists only in autumn. A golden light drapes itself over the world of that hour. It falls through the afternoon sky, fine and faint as a swirl of cigarette smoke caught in the wind, nearly transparent. So sweet, that light, insisting softly, goldly against the windows.”

Excerpt from The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis




To have an open heart allows you to see the world differently

the small things in hold exquisite beauty and large acts of love and kindness propel you forward, adding accelerant to your dreams and aspirations

but wearing your heart on your sleeve makes you 




leaving you out in the open picking up the pieces of unrealistic expectations and abandoned hopes you had in others

sometimes your days are clouded with a haze of



internal disappointment


but never you worry or fret though…

because even in the strongest storms lie moments of peace and stillness which allow you to

catch your breath

awaken your senses

dream, allowing the numbness to subside and enable the sunshine to cast a brighter glow