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I promised you a dance video for last Friday, but I figured I need to keep the 2015 tradition going and post it on opening night! That’s right, I get to perform for the next two night in Project Y’s New York New Playwrights Festival. So if you’re in Chelsea tonight come on down, #ParityPlays starts at 8:30!!


My Second Family


I have been so fortunate, thus far, to have been involved in a project or production since the first of the year. With this momentum, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with such beautiful people in talent, spirit, and joy. I think what appeals to me so much about the theatre, are the comrades I interact with along the way. I have been unable to post the many photos I have taken behind the scenes since The Fire This Time Festival, and I thought it would be a great post to publish today in light of Private Lives’ closing on Sunday.

I have had oodles of fun with each person you see in these photos and my heart has a place for each and every one of them. You see, they are not just cast mates and co-collaborators, they are my friends.

This photo collage includes photos from Cafe Le Monde, Private Lives and reunions with cast members from The Fire This Time Festival and Ivanov.

Ciao 🙂

Marching To The Beat of My Own Drum


It has taking me a while to settle on a theme for the month of March, but by George!, I’ve finally found one. On the first of many picturesque March days to come this past Sunday, I realized that it was time to do something that I really liked and needed. Live theatre! There really is nothing like it, from the box office, to the anticipation before the curtain, to the performance itself, nothing gets my heart pumping like good theatre. Exiting Roundabout, where I had just seen “Little Children Dreaming of a Lesser God,” I realized that I’m giving myself permission to be a little selfish with my time this month. Going to plays, pampering myself, focusing on what is good for me in terms of spiritual, physical, emotional and professional well-being is a great way to close out winter and say “Hello” to cheery springtime weather.

I firmly decided to take a quick vacation down South, to spend time with my family, I’m going to start taking ballet classes again, do a little something fun with my look, and continue to focus on my faith and fitness. (Fierce February really got me into some good habits). I am excited to see what the next few weeks will bring and with the March thaw, I intend to continue my love of self, the city, and all of the adventures that await me down the road.

Ciao 🙂

Can A Girl Get Some Help?


Hi everybody!

So the month of July has arrived, (nice and toasty) and I’m reaching out to my social media family to ask for a little help. As you may know, I am a young actress trying to make a name for myself in the Big Apple; if you’re in the area come and support my next project “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” being performed downtown in First Street Green Park. Click here to get more information about the cast, Quirky Productions and ticket information.


Shakespeare, and live theatre not your thing? Too far away to see me in person? No sweat! I’ve also been cast in a film short, “Poems Only,” that will film later this summer, if we can get great people, like YOU, to help us raise funds for the equipment and filming costs needed to get this project off the ground and off to film festivals. Click here, to visit the indiegogo page to get more information and donate any amount you can, to support young filmmakers and the next generation of American cinema!10463872_10201915233234219_6961569508892864971_n

“New York Dreaming” may be my journey, but what is a journey without a little help along the way? Send this post along to any and all who would like to support by seeing live theatre, or being an integral part in the production of a new film.

Ciao 🙂

Behind the Scenes Photo Diary


Hi Everybody!
So today is tech, dress, run, opening and closing night for the Messiah Complex by Nia Witherspoon in the Downtown Urban Theatre Festival! Be sure to check back through out the day for videos and photos posted on my Instagram feed!!! Busy Saturday ahead 🙂



Update: April 6, 2014

Well the whirlwind which was Messiah Complex has come to an end. The audition, rehearsals, tech and final performance could easily be described as a roller coaster, anchored by an incredible script and strong actors, this show, I believe, was able to take the audience on an emotional journey which left many dabbing their eyes and rising from their seats at its conclusion. At the cast get-together following the performance, I was able to chat with my cast members, as well as the playwright, and other audience members about the show and my contribution to the story.

It is always surprisingly over whelming and uplifting to hear someone give such specific criticism and praise about my work on stage. I’m not saying this as a backhanded compliment or bragging about my accomplishments, but it definitely reinforces the idea that you have no idea what you bring to the table until an outside eye tells you. Hearing words about my simplicity, effortlessness, and ability to just be were thrilling to hear, since that is something I always strive to accomplish in my work. Hearing not from just one person, but also from the playwright herself was extremely rewarding and the cherry on an epic night and experience.

In case you missed the Instagram photo diary I live posted yesterday, you will find all of the photos I took below. But to watch the short video posts, head on over to handle “dramagirl07” at Instagram to check them out!


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