This was a tremendous weekend friends! I went on as Mac Jenkins in That Bachelorette Show at 42west on Saturday, danced my butt off and interaced with audience members and my fellow castmates all night. While Saturday was an evening I won’t soon forget, the cherry on top for the weekend was gathering my talented friends in my living room and bringing my baby, Shampagne, to life on steamy Sunday night.

There is nothing that I can write or say to adequately express the multitude of emotions I felt yesterday. If you’re a writer or creator who depends on the strengths and talents of others to bring your creative vision to life you would be better equipped to translate what I mean.

The year is starting to pick up the pace as we stare down the last few weeks of summer. Looking at my vision board from January and seeing what lictures, ideas and quotes have been realized so far is awe inspiring. Focus, drive and the love and support from family and friend shave pushed me so far.

Now it’s time to kick it up one more notch to help make 2015 an extremely memorable and monumental year.

Ciao 😉

Where Did the Time Go?


This past weekend the lovely folks at WordPress sent me a little reminder that NewYorkDreaming turned 2 years old on Saturday! Terrible two’s here I come (haha). It’s hard to believe that not only have I been steadily at this for two years, but all of the creativity, freedom, and permission this blog has given me has helped to shape my months and years into tangible goals and amazing experiences. If today is your first day stopping over, Welcome!, if you have been a steadfast reader, Thank You!, and if you pop in from time-to-time, Thanks for the visit!

Since I’ve been really getting into the whole “post a video” thing, I thought that there was no better way to show my excitement, gratitude and awe than with an oldie but goodie by Hall and Oates.

Ciao 🙂

#AboutLastNight (Thanksgiving Edition)


I love the holidays because it allows you the chance to recognize your blessings. The time to reflect on all that has happened over the last year, and who was with you, to hold your hand, cheer you on, and make you laugh along the way. I was not able to spend Thanksgiving with my blood relatives this year, but spending it with my New York “framily” was just as sweet. Thankful to have friends who gladly opened their door to guests this year. The food was AH-mazing, but the fellowship with old and new friends alike was great! Thanksgiving, once again, opened my eyes to all that has shaped me this year, and it has not been too shabby.

Ciao 🙂

Monday Musings


While I still have to post about my weekend at home for Roberta’s wedding and Mother’s Day, i think i shall press forward and talk about what i’m thinking about today.

isn’t it funny how easy it can be to say all of the right things? (for example: “I’m gonna eat right! i’m gonna get in shape! i’m gonna call my brother at least once a week! i’m gonna pray more! i’m gonna be more patient with other people!”) but if its rainy outside or your bed feels super comfy you rearrange your schedule to do it tomorrow? 

yeah we’ve all been there, some of you may be reading this from your cocoon right now (you know who you are.) but for me i find the struggle in being comfortable in this place and some times deciding that it’s the best place for at the moment. 

of course it isn’t.

it’s not in my nature to just sit around and wait for things to be handed to me. but it is in my nature to be a bit apprehensive, to have somebody nudge me a bit in the right direction.i think that’s why i admire the core group of friends i have around me. ALL of them have a go-getter attitude whether it be in their adventuresome spirit (cynthia), their ability go for their doctorate to better enrich their family’s life as well as her adopted hometown (sheila), or the eclectic take they have in art, culture and their interpretation of current events (morgan). all of these young women enhance the qualities i have within myself and make me want to reach even higher than i think possible. 

on this monday i just want to say to each of them thank you for being you! i thank God for each of you and know why you are each a part of my life today!! 🙂 

check for another post this evening. have a great day everybody!