Tuesday Thoughts

There is such a beautiful freedom in tears
Permitting your heart, body, and mind to swell over the walls of others’ considerations
Sailing on the waves of bitterness, grief, insurmountable joy and fear
Being swept up in the currents of past, present, and the unseeable future
Does it ever catch you off guard when you whisper to yourself “Finally?”
We, as a people, sometimes ache for the salt water deluge which makes small rivers and streams down the contours of our face
Creates the quakes and shivers in the body, moving with an uninhibited freedom through our nerves, muscles and subconscious
It is in these disruptions we give ourselves permission to be.
To live in the here and now
To listen to the ghosts that haunt us
To lean into the dappled light that nurtures and powers us
Storms can come upon us suddenly or they can send messengers ahead to launch the warning sirens
Either way nature knows its limits
As each storm moves from place to place they always leave a serene hush over the landscape
A bright horizon filled with possibilities and new beginnings
A freedom you can only experience after the salt water has washed you clean

Tuesday Thoughts



tears can tear, ripping your seams apart

exposing the underbelly of your being you fight to conceal.

small drops of water that can express

uncertainty, pain, joy, and irritation caused by an unknown source.

droplets, which combined together, comprise our whole.

the whole, which can smell, see, hear, taste and touch the person who we hold most dear

the experiences which brought unmistakable change

the day you replay over and over to no end until those dammed streams breach the walls

and rush to uncontrolled deluge, swallowing you whole, drowning you in immense emotions

preventing you from catching your breath and swimming to shore, safety , home

the place or person you see as your anchor, your solid rock, your soft hands that can wipe the tears away

and help put your heart and soul together again