Fresh Start



One thing that I love about the start of a new month is that it’s another opportunity to set goals for yourself and to look at yourself in the present and appreciate all that has happened to you to reach this new point. Just think I’ve been 24 for almost an entire month, and I must admit that I’ve experienced a myriad of experiences in those thirty days that have reshaped my perspective and sharpened my senses. Now as the first day of July winds down (for me anyway, I have work in the morning) I feel I should take stock of how my life’s been going for the past 7 months and make a small list of achievable dreams and aspirations to make for myself. 

1. Continue to go to church and the gym regularly. there’s nothing better than having a great spiritual and physical foundation for all of the twists and turns that might come way. oh and the potential beach trips and block parties on the horizon 😉

2. To kick ass at my upcoming auditions for the month. To feel confident, secure and fabulous in all that only, I, can bring to the table.

3. To finally buck up and rent a CitiBike and go for a great ride somewhere in downtown Manhattan. 

4. To reunite with some of my closest friends in upstate New York for a weekend that I’m sure I will always remember. (two words: GYPSY & VINEYARDS)

5. To start reading the Tennessee Williams canon and hopefully really sink my teeth into his work, especially the plays I’ve never read.

6. And finally to make sure that once a week, I take myself out on a date. Whether it means a walk at dusk by the river, seeing a movie that only I want to see early on Saturday morning, or rushing a show or ballet that I really want to see or love, a stronger relationship with myself is definitely something I want to achieve this month. After all how can I truly know what I want for myself, if I don’t take the time to tune in?