Holiday Mode



so Christmas is a week from tomorrow. I haven’t done any shopping. I don’t want to shop. But I must. At least, in addition to the long lines, crowds of people, cold temperatures, and lugging heavy bags onto the subway I can bask in the Christmas tunes pumping through the stores’ speakers. Here are the songs I hope to hear when I finally make my rounds.



Merry Christmas! 🙂

Wandering Wednesday


This past weekend I went thrifting with my roommate Alicia in Brooklyn. We hit up Salvation Army, where I got a great new scarf and polka-dotted sweatshirt for $5, “Out of the Closet,” a second-hand store that benefits an AIDS relief foundation, and this cute vintage and Brooklyn themed shop called Enamoo. I took a few pics of the sunny and semi-warm day (36 lol) as we wandered around, hope you enjoy!