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Happy Monday! This week’s #AboutLastNight post features pics from my apartment’s annual “Christmas in Harlem” party. Willow and I slaved in the kitchen and living room all day getting the apartment in festive, good time shape. I believe we succeeded! The drinks were flowing, all of the food was gobbled up and there was laughter and conversation all night long. I didn’t take as many pictures this year seeing as how my phone also played the role of DJ all night long. Hopefully, the ones above gave an accurate snapshot of the holiday cheer!

Ciao 😊





Weekend Shenanigans


20131112-113113.jpg  20131112-113235.jpg 20131112-113135.jpg

20131112-114258.jpg 20131112-113043.jpg 20131112-113204.jpg  

A lot of fun and exciting things have taken place since November started. I went to the Columbia vs. Harvard football game this past Saturday (riveting football it was not) and was able to see what a New York City Ivy League football game was all about. (Tailgating: nope, Great Bleacher Activity: nada, Fantastic Band Selections: sadly no, awesome Columbia duds bought at the bookstore: you bet). To be honest, Cynthia and I knew going in that the game would leave much to be desired, but at least we can mark it off our list of things we’ve done (heck NYU doesn’t even have a football team so they’ve one-upped us in that regard anyway).

In addition to my Lion-pride at the football field, I went out and supported my Ivanov friends in the CUGA class of 2015’s French Existentialist performances. Seeing Amber, Crystal and finally Marcel on stage was a real treat, and of course dinner and drinks occurred afterward thanks to the mini reunion the performances allowed (saw Chris, Jason, Vincent, Shiva, Tauriq, Kevin, AJ, and Anouk) which brought with it the conversation of remounting the show and possibly taking it abroad??? (hmmmmm).

Oh yeah! In case you haven’t noticed I got a HAIRCUT!!! Tim, at Arrojo Studios, really hooked me up with a short bob that I love!!!! It also gives me the perfect excuse to invest in a new flatiron to get the sleek look he gave me in the salon. For once I’m going to upkeep my cut and let it hang around for awhile 🙂

Well I believe that’s all I have to say right now…phew.

Oh wait, I’m reading the new Duke Ellington biography right now, so look out for some quotes from it on my Wordy Wednesday post up tomorrow!

Now I’m done.


Cast Shenanigans


How does the saying go? “Work hard, Play hard.” Let me tell you that those never rang more true than this past weekend haha. With each new performance the Ivanov cast found new rhythms and cadences for their characters and for the play itself, so of course at each night’s conclusion we felt we deserved a pat on the back for “A Job Well Done.” Celebrating Jason’s birthday on opening night at Mel’s Burger, grabbing lunch at Deluxe and dancing at my apartment on Saturday, and saying our goodbyes over drinks and Mexican food at Amigos. We soaked up as much time together that would be allowed between eating, sleeping and performing lol. Below are even MORE pics from what we did after the lights faded and the audience had gone home.

IMG_3649 IMG_3648 IMG_3643 IMG_3634

IMG_3560 IMG_3555

IMG_3621 IMG_3620

20131029-122057.jpg 20131029-120711.jpg20131029-122541.jpg

20131029-122650.jpg 20131029-123018.jpg

Ciao 😉