Ready, Set, Go!




January, the longest and grossest month for me, is upon us, and I must admit I’m not feeling the usual brunt of it because I am in the warmer temperatures of Mississippi (since many of my New York friends would gladly take 30 degree highs right about now) but this month tends to put me in a dark and moody place. Not this year!!! Not only am I going to be working a job, (instead of going through savings making it to February), but I also have a show to rehearse for (Night of Power-my first lead outside of school) and personal projects to take on (my website AHHH). With all of these activities on my plate I have also recommitted to my health, both mind and body, and while exploring Pinterest today, I found an easy plan to get me on my way. It’s a 31 Day Fitness Plan, that looks incredibly manageable and that should seamlessly fit into my schedule. Cannot wait to get started with it tomorrow, as I have already done something today ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out the link below, and look for my before picture to be posted tomorrow! Looking forward to the results and feel free to join me if you’d like!!!

Workout Plan For a Month.


New Year, New Vigor



As my time at home begins to wind down, I can’ t help but reflect once again on what a great year 2013 was for me! Not only was I able to be in a multitude of projects ranging from script workshops, to one-act play festivals, to film and TV productions, and newly envisioned work of theater canon masters, but I was able to solidify old friendships and readily accept new members to my New York family!

As with all years, there were a multitude of ups and downs, but I believe I’m fortunate in the fact that I can really only see 2013 as a year of positivity and self-growth. I was able to reconnect with a myriad of people who I haven’t seen in years through weddings, dinners, trips upstate, out-of-town visitors, and road trips to the Coast.

Starting this blog was definitely one of the major contributors to 2013’s success. Feeling accountable to myself (and I suppose the few readers) I was able to look at New York with fresh eyes, taking photos with a new POV, and hankering for opportunities and adventures that would be great experiences to retell and photograph for the site. Looking back, my original motivation was to finally give in to my mother’s advice, but also to get me out of bed at a decent hour to see everything my new neighborhood and the city had to offer me ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking ahead to 2014, I have decided that resolutions for the year may not be practical for me at this point, and instead I’ve chosen to go a different route ย and make resolutions for the next three months. I must admit that I read my Cosmo horoscope for the year with trepidation, but to be honest there were a few golden nuggets of truth I’d like to hang on to. The main one being that I need to grab life by the horns this month, really taking charge of my acting career and setting building blocks in place so I can really get ahead this year.

As always, I need to look at the year with an open mind and an open heart, reminding myself that I have a responsibility to myself, my family, and my Creator to live up to my potential and transcend it. Woof, transcendence. (A theme for the year? Too early to tell)

I hope you’ll join me as I take all of the twists and turns headed my way! I plan to blog about them all!!!!

Ciao ๐Ÿ™‚