Wordy Wednesday


Seasonal Questions

To be “In Like” or

“In Lust?”

To dream?

Or bask in the moment which just was “is?”

How do you keep the doors open

yet keep that small wall of protection around you?

Build the wall?


Ban the doubt?

Leaves pop through frozen snow

Proclaiming the arrival of birth and new beginnings

Do I wish to be left behind in the polar vortex of my past?


break free with effervescence and joy to the coming spring?

Fall Firsts!


If you look to your left, you’ll see there’s a new page in the menu bar: Fall Firsts. As I mentioned in my monthly theme post at the beginning of the month, I want to try and get the most out of my favorite season in New York before the snow and blistering, cold wind take up residence. This weekend is going to be a great one because I’ll be able to cross one of the items off of my list: the Dumbo Arts Festival!

The cherry on top of the weekend ahead is that it will be filled with amazing people! Not only is Cynthia in town (visiting from St. Thomas), but I’ll be celebrating my cousin Lauren’s 25th birthday in style AND, wait for it, spending time with Melissa and Ammon (for the first time all together in, I think, 8 years) here in New York. With these social appointments tacked on to rehearsals and a film short shoot, and my first two Shakespeare classes at Adler, this week is going to end on a very high note! Be sure to check the Fall Firsts page to see how I’m doing, but as I’m sure you know check the home page because posts will be a-coming.

Ciao 🙂


Spontaneous September!


So I know that I’ve kind of fallen off of the blog writing bandwagon these past few weeks, but boy oh boy am I glad that we’re getting one step closer to FALL!!! 

There is something about the transitional seasons in New York City that really are refreshing and inspirational to me. In Spring the gold buds on trees and bushes, and the yellow daffodils popping out through the soil remind me that the cold and dreary winter months are almost behind me, while in Fall the leaves on the ground and the disappearance of school-aged children on my building’s stoop and sidewalk (lol) signal the coming of a new school year for some, and the return of reds, yellows, and golds in the region’s foliage. 

A certain briskness is felt in the air and everything around me starts to release a large exhale as it is finally able to breathe and move without breaking a sweat on a leisurely walk. 

While I may not have accomplished everything on my personal to-do list for the summer, I did accomplish a bunch. I have to admit that staying in the city for the summer was such a great thing for me. I was able to do additional extra work, make some new friends on set, as well as at my temp jobs, reconnect with friends from home and summers’ past, and get to travel to some old and new places exploring and taking photos along the way. 

With September now in full swing at our monthly “toasting” ceremony my roommate/best friend Cynthia and I once again voiced our goals for the next 30 days. While Cynthia had her’s ready to go it took me a minute, (as I ate my yummy Broken Eggs and Shrimp for brunch) what it was I wanted to accomplish and what sprang to mind was spontaneity. I’ve decided that I want to be more spontaneous this month. Whether that be bike farther on my Riverside Park trips, take on both female roles in my upcoming performance of “Biting Tongues” at the Secret Theatre, or going more off of instinct and being mindful of consequences later (responsibly of course). 

Spontaneity in actions, as well as thinking will hopefully allow me to have a fresh look at the world as I prepare for the slow, dreary, cold months that will be upon us before we know it. 

Can’t wait to see what this month will bring and what lessons I will learn along the way!