Happy Sunday


Supporting new friends, seeing evocative theatre and more web series planning were on tap for this gorgeous weekend. Hard to believe that summer is quickly winding down, I mean Labor Day is in TWO weeks. Remember to approach the day with luck and a wink 😉 Are you ready for more? Because I am. And if you’re not, here’s a video to get you dancing, laughing or just off the couch.


Wandering Wednesday


This past weekend I went thrifting with my roommate Alicia in Brooklyn. We hit up Salvation Army, where I got a great new scarf and polka-dotted sweatshirt for $5, “Out of the Closet,” a second-hand store that benefits an AIDS relief foundation, and this cute vintage and Brooklyn themed shop called Enamoo. I took a few pics of the sunny and semi-warm day (36 lol) as we wandered around, hope you enjoy!


Frost Yourself!


It’s Monday! Our annual Christmas party went off without a hitch on Saturday. Even with the ridiculous snowfall and wind, friends piled into the apartment for drinks, snacks and overall merriment! “Frost Yourself” was an amazing success!!! Here is the photo diary…


IMG_4044 IMG_4124


IMG_4059 IMG_4094IMG_4119


IMG_4096 IMG_4063 IMG_4072





 IMG_4113   IMG_4127

IMG_4103  IMG_4123

Another Great Weekend in New York!




I was lucky enough to kickstart my weekend on Thursday by spending the afternoon in Central Park with my neighbors Marc and James. (I know what you’re thinking…You spend time with your neighbors? And indeed I do! They have become great friends and am so glad at how close we’ve become. Plus they’re actors too 🙂 ) Anyways, back to Thursday the sun was warm and the grass was cool as we watched ultimate frisbee matches and the boys worked on their gymnastics skills. I got to get to know their friend Ashley and we just lazed the day away. Perfect. 

Saturday was more of the same. Cynthia, finally free from the chains of the work week, and I explored our neighborhood for a bit grabbing lunch at Corner Social at Lenox Ave and walking through Harlem until we landed ourselves Central Park North. 


Absolutely Gorgeous!!! (and there were ducks too!)

We meandered our way through stumbling upon THREE separate wedding parties holding receptions or taking their photos in the gardens. I hope the brides ran into each other and took a photo together in fun! While we got a cold snap on Saturday evening into Sunday it was still a gorgeous weekend and I am super excited to spend the next one back home for Roberta’s wedding and Mother’s Day with the one and only Joann Mickens!!!

Have a great week!!