Happy Friday


For today’s “Flashback Friday” I’m taking a look back at April-June. There was a whole lot of traveling in this little chunk of 2014: Philly, Richmond, Washington DC, San Diego, plus I did a show (Messiah Complex), saw a show (Bullets on Broadway) and started rehearsals for another show (A Midsummer Night’s Dream). I celebrated my Aunt Cynthia’s new position as Deputy Attorney General of Virginia, went to a sonogram appointment with Jassmine, supported my friend Jenna on her new web series, treated my cousin to brunch to toast her first PR job in the city, had an amazing reunion with Mississippi folks in town, went to the opera, enjoyed the sun and sand of San Diego, had a Mother/Daughter weekend in DC, and spent quality time with my friends as I rang in my 25th birthday. Enjoy the pictures below, some are old and some have never been published, and of course you can click the month’s in the menu on the left and relive these moments with me!

Ciao 🙂

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Awake (unfortunately) but Blessed


As i lie awake in bed at 3:30am, unable to shut my mind off I can’t help thinking about the day i just had. after submitting for an audition a few weeks ago, not only have i gotten a callback for a theatre company i’ve always wanted to work for, but i received another Boardwalk Empire call, and may be finally setting the wheels in motion to find representation. considering how lax i have been over the past few months in terms of my burgeoning acting career today was one of those days where i was again reminded that i am doing something right! on monday night as i prepared to look over my audition material for the last time before the audition, i reached out to my friend Jonathan asking him for words of encouragement. (side note: Jonathan is a close friend i met while doing an apprenticeship at Williamstown Theatre Festival, who moved to New York shortly after we completed the program and we’ve been friends ever since, plus he helped me prep for this audition last friday). he told me these words:

“Boo boo.  This is the first of many more to come.  You’ve been going this far.  Give yourself a pat on the back

Never forget to enjoy the moment, this isn’t an audition… it’s a chance for you to connect in a room full of people wanting to have a moment with you”

after reading this i had renewed sense of focus and reinforcement that all i can do is my best, that it’s just a rehearsal and i should allow myself the freedom to play and have fun. i feel like sometimes all of us need to be reminded of this from time to time; whether it’s for an audition or if it just means expanding your view to see what others see and enjoy living in the now, life is a rehearsal, there is no way to force a finished product because when you do, you’re taking all of the fun out of it! 

even while i may hate myself in about four hours because i will be exhausted out of my mind, at least i’ll be able to say that i’m exhausted out of my mind because another opportunity has presented itself to me and while i may be in holding or the hair/makeup chair struggling to keep my eyes open at least i’ll be on a set soon enough learning, experiencing, and meeting new people. what more could ask for on a early wednesday morning?