Wandering Wednesday


This week’s Wandering Wednesday features photos of sunsets, friends, and of course city architecture. Starting back with my look up series! Stay tuned for a new page featuring some of my favorites later this month.

Ciao ๐Ÿ™‚

PS- Thanks goes out to Kendra for willingly going along with the “photo shoot.”

PPS- So happy to see Emily, after almost 4 years, in Queens a few weeks ago.


Tuesday Thoughts



“No one can tell you what lies ahead, least of all those who remain behind. One thing, however, they can assure you of is that it’s not a round trip. Try, therefore, to derive some comfort from the notion that no matter how unpalatable this or that station may turn out to be, the train doesn’t stop there for good. Therefore, you are never stuck– not even when you feel you are; for this place today becomes your past. From now on, it will only be receding for you, for that train is in constant motion. It will be receding for you even when you feel that you are stuck…So take one last look at it, while it is still its normal size, while it is not yet a photograph. Look at it with all the tenderness you can muster, for you are looking at your past.”

Margaret Bradham Thomas, Charleston: A Novel

Tuesday Thoughts



Good friends, reunions, memories and time spent together get me through the day! Just a few photos of the people I’m extremely honored to call friends who make me laugh, keep me grounded, and support me in all that I do. Love you all and blessed to know you.

Ciao ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Friday


“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;”

– Juliet, R&J by Billy Shakes

Took a quiz over on The Quiz Creator yesterday to see what the name generator had to say about the meaning of mine. Pleasantly surprised that the attributes given to my name are the same words I use to describe myself: modest, energetic, loyal, intuitive, sincere and amusing. Good words that hopefully others can attest to, especially my friends and colleagues. Head on over to the site and type your name into the generator and see what you get!

If you picked up on that Shakespeare quote at the beginning of the post, you must get the sense that the Elizabethan wordsmith is on my mind today. Why, you would be right! Opening night for Midsummer is upon me and really looking forward to putting this whimsical and kind of strung-out production before an audience tonight. After all any show that has me go from:

ย is a show worth seeing.

Am I right? Go ahead andย reserve your FREE ticket for an evening of debauchery and love,ย you won’t be disappointed.

Ciao ๐Ÿ™‚