Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!



Greetings all!

July is here! And for once, the weather in New York has been fabulous! Sure it’s been hot, but I haven’t put in my window A/C yet and that is definitely a good thing! This month is going to be another whirlwind experience for me, what with fundraising for the film short I’m involved with, rehearsals and performances for Midsummer in the middle of the month, planning for my family’s beach vacation in August, and getting back in the swing of things with auditions and submissions. (yay!)

June was filled with goodbyes, my birthday, San Diego adventures, and fun times in the city, which I have been slow to share with my small blog’s audience. But never fear! I shall be playing major catch up over the next few days. So here’s what you have to look forward too: new Wandering Wednesday posts, my San Diego trip retrospective (including pictures, naturally), a new poem or three?, behind-the-scenes post during tech and dress rehearsal in the outdoor space where I’ll be performing Midsummer, and hopefully a few other posts of events and exciting news I’m not even aware of yet 🙂

Words to keep in mind:

“Forget all you know and learn something every day.”  Charles James



Motivation for the Month Ahead


As April comes to a close, once again, I find myself posting a few inspiring and motivating words for the month to come on a cool, rainy Wednesday morning. What’s awesome about these specific quotes is that they seamlessly tie in with the goals I’m making for the month of May. A month which will be filled with rehearsals, hustling, traveling and goodbyes 😦 ,as the summer and my 25th birthday approach it’s time to once again make bold leaps of faith to continue moving forward. I hope these words help you as they will me.

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