Wordy Wednesday


a pebble hit the windshield

it was so inconsequential that the sound didn’t even register as the steam fogged the windows and the tears filled my eyes.

of course i’m not in my car

no, instead i am wrapped up in blankets

cocooned from the world

unwilling to emerge from my safe wrappings

and absorb the harsh realities that await me.

instead, i burrow deeper into myself

forced to confront those quiet corners in my mind that are so filled up with you.

your ideas, your thoughts, your rhythms, your scent.

that soft grumbling you make before turning over, once again submitting to the puppet master of your dreams

that fierce charisma you infect me with; dulling my self-doubt, criticisms

shaking anew the infinite possibilities of me.

as i grapple with this corner, the air feels fresh

the safety of the cocoon feels more and more like a trap

a barrier

between the me you see and the ME i will become

the layers shed quickly now

realizing the part they play in our separateness

in my obstacle course of becoming

becoming not a butterfly


becoming the being i am meant to be

who i always was and who i forever crave to be

a small ping from a tiny “pebble” that birthed the Big Bang, one quiet night on a cold, still, stale, February night.



being tangled in your body brings me such joy

your hands, rough but strong, and gentle when they caress

your arms filled with might; each vein that protrudes signifies how safe i am within them

your chest, smooth and warm, speckled with tiny black hairs and scars and moles from the life before you knew me

your abs, well defined in each crevice i find the nerve endings which summon chill bumps to your skin

being tangled in you we are one

i feel your heart beat

i see your heart beat

rising and falling with your every breath

i feel connected to you, one with you, together, not apart

kiss me on my forehead

let the pain, self-doubt, conflict and absurdities of my day melt away

tangled in you, there is only you

you and me


and when we are apart i carry that feeling in my mind, body, and soul

causing me to smile and laugh uncontrollably

make me miss you and yearn to be tangled in you again.