Tuesday Thoughts


the stars are artificial here
The air is tinged with the fragrance of burnt pretzels and street meat
No grass to sink your toes into here
Just the climate controlled cement and concrete
Look to your left and you see “modernity”
Large glass windows, steel beams, posters advertising the latest blockbuster or reality tv show
On the other you see a more “classic” aesthetic
Brick and plaster, gargoyles and frescoes
Elaborate floral arrangements
Uniformed doormen at arched doorways welcoming patrons into a lush carpeted and exquisitely decorated lobby
A land of opposites
couples look longingly into one another’s eyes
Trying to touch every inch of the other
Consumed with lust and affection
Other couples, heavy with drink holding court with one another in the middle of the street
Pushing and shoving with all their might
Arguing about matters that won’t hold sway in the morning
Stickiness envelops us all
The breeze a sweet relief as I pass by each vignette



What does it mean to be truly present today?

Turning your phone off, deactivating Facebook, saying Sayonara to technology and just sitting in a room talking? Presence is definitely something I have been thinking about this week whether in my personal life, professional ambitions, or just in general. How are we able to truly cultivate our relationships with one another if there is an ever-“present” other in the room with us? I mean just thinking about it, it was impossible for me to watch the Grammys with just the people in my living room, I felt the need to log on to my Twitter and see what everybody else was thinking and saying instead.

Yea, I get it, technology is a necessary evil ( I wouldn’t be blogging if that weren’t the case) but it also keeps us from truly connecting to each other, making ourselves vulnerable to each others actions and reactions. Why have we become conditioned to look like idiots in public taking selfless for Snapchat and Instagram, but still be too timid to tell a person how we really feel about them or how we treated them without the illuminated phone screen in our hands as a barrier?

Has technology become a crutch? Or is it easier to call it a safety blanket for adults, protecting us all from the unknowns of our lives, the moments that cause us anxiety, unrest, sadness and vulnerability? Am I off the mark? Or is this one of those philosophical questions that will continue to appear as long as people inhabit the earth and continue to make technological advancements?

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Wordy Wednesday


As I sit in my brother’s home, in the quiet of nap time, my niece and nephews sleeping above me and across the hall I came across this passage in a book I’m currently reading and was instantly taken to the time of day described. If you can’t tell I am eagerly awaiting the seasonal change!

“There is a particular kind of afternoon sun that exists only in autumn. A golden light drapes itself over the world of that hour. It falls through the afternoon sky, fine and faint as a swirl of cigarette smoke caught in the wind, nearly transparent. So sweet, that light, insisting softly, goldly against the windows.”

Excerpt from The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis