Fall Firsts!


If you look to your left, you’ll see there’s a new page in the menu bar: Fall Firsts. As I mentioned in my monthly theme post at the beginning of the month, I want to try and get the most out of my favorite season in New York before the snow and blistering, cold wind take up residence. This weekend is going to be a great one because I’ll be able to cross one of the items off of my list: the Dumbo Arts Festival!

The cherry on top of the weekend ahead is that it will be filled with amazing people! Not only is Cynthia in town (visiting from St. Thomas), but I’ll be celebrating my cousin Lauren’s 25th birthday in style AND, wait for it, spending time with Melissa and Ammon (for the first time all together in, I think, 8 years) here in New York. With these social appointments tacked on to rehearsals and a film short shoot, and my first two Shakespeare classes at Adler, this week is going to end on a very high note! Be sure to check the Fall Firsts page to see how I’m doing, but as I’m sure you know check the home page because posts will be a-coming.

Ciao 🙂


Good News


so i’ve decided to add yet another page to my young blog. over the next few days pay attention for a new tab labeled “cityscapes” which will give all of my new york, philly, chicago, and upcoming atlantic city pictures a place to call home! super excited about it and so glad that this blog has renewed my love for photography! stay tuned. 


while you wait make sure to check out old posts, and my instagram feed on the right hand side 🙂




Hey everybody!

Hope your day went well. I am currently anticipating the fabulous thunderstorm that awaits the New York area, and simultaneously was able to finally add the reunions page on the blog. So that counts as my real post today. Check it out just look in the top right corner next to the about page. Hopefully when I have more time and am less tired I’ll try and figure out a cool way to map the photos. Well that’s all from me for now! 


PS: i don’t know about anybody else but i was convinced today was tuesday 🙂