Harlem Weekend


This last weekend allowed me to truly fall completely in love with my neighborhood! The weather was amazing, almost autumnal. Uptown was alive with an increased hustle and bustle, thanks to Harlem Week, and all of the activities, live music and festivities surrounding it. I was able to hang out with good friends, old and new, and finally get around to some places that were always on my list of things to do!

Nothing beats summer in New York City, everyone is so happy not to be bundled up, quickly moving from place-to-place to keep warm, and the lackadaisical attitude is infectious. Saturday night I got to spend time with Lauren, Brooke and Lindsey at St. Nicholas Park, where we enjoyed a showing of “The Wiz” under the stars. There was such a great vibe, and one of the original cast members of the film was in the audience, and even got up during his part and acted along!

On Sunday, I finally made my way over to the Studio Museum on 125th street, and I think it may become another one of my favorite spots in the city. While it was definitely smaller compared to my other favorite museums on the East Side, that is one of the reasons why I liked it so much. Thanks to the intimacy of the space, I didn’t feel as overwhelmed by the amount of art to see, and didn’t feel as if iI was obstructing other people’s views. I was introduced to the works of Charles Gaines, James Van Der Zee, and Bethany Collins. All of the art spurred great conversation between me and the friend who joined me, which is always a good thing!

While I didn’t take many pictures on Sunday, I did manage to spend time in Marcus Garvey park and catch the live performance happening in the amphitheater. A tribute to the “Women of Soul,” three great women came onto the stage accompanied by a 15-piece live band and sang hits by Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. It was a great end to a pretty phenomenal weekend! Summer is fading fast and I’m glad I got to spend the weekend out and about in the fantastic weather with good friends.

Ciao ๐Ÿ™‚

Can A Girl Get Some Help?


Hi everybody!

So the month of July has arrived, (nice and toasty) and I’m reaching out to my social media family to ask for a little help. As you may know, I am a young actress trying to make a name for myself in the Big Apple; if you’re in the area come and support my next project “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” being performed downtown in First Street Green Park. Click here to get more information about the cast, Quirky Productions and ticket information.


Shakespeare, and live theatre not your thing? Too far away to see me in person? No sweat! I’ve also been cast in a film short, “Poems Only,” that will film later this summer, if we can get great people, like YOU, to help us raise funds for the equipment and filming costs needed to get this project off the ground and off to film festivals. Click here, to visit the indiegogo page to get more information and donate any amount you can, to support young filmmakers and the next generation of American cinema!10463872_10201915233234219_6961569508892864971_n

“New York Dreaming” may be my journey, but what is a journey without a little help along the way? Send this post along to any and all who would like to support by seeing live theatre, or being an integral part in the production of a new film.

Ciao ๐Ÿ™‚

“Night Fever, Night Fe-ver”


So it’s Monday in the city, and with the summer solstice around the corner it means only one thing, HBO Movies in Bryant Park!! Tonight the movie of choice is the John Travolta disco classic Saturday Night Fever. The sun is setting, the weather’s fine, and I’m injury free after the mad dash to the grass. Getting to spend time with James and Marc, my neighbors, on this summer eve is going to be stupendous. Hope your Monday night will be filled with great adventures and a summer breeze.



Happy Friday


While this post is a bit delayed (just finished my first three classes out on Rikers Island today, more details to come) I had to put up this great speech and new tumblr page I stumbled upon featuring Academy-award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o. I am another of the many who have jumped onto the Lupita bandwagon. Her elegance, grace, talent, and style are incredible inspirations for me. Knowing how hard she has worked to achieve all that has occurred in her whirlwind of a year since 12 Years A Slave‘s release were well earned and deserved.

Below you will find the speech she gave at Essence’s Black Women in Hollywood luncheon last week, as well as a tumblr page link which features some pretty great fan art archived from the web. May her Cinderella story inspire you and lift you to great heights as we prepare to “spring forward” this weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰


Lupita Nyong’o Fan Art Page

Valentines Galore!


The Hallmark-made, elementary kid loved, and single woman’s nightmarish holiday rolled through last Friday and I gotta admit that it was incredibly wonderful. Not only was I able to spend time with so many of my friends, I didn’t allow myself the chance to feel cynical or upset by February 14th and all that it brings. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I wasn’t ever really alone during the weekend or maybe I have finally realized to cling on to that which is most important, the love from family and friends which can surpass the adoration you receive from a significant other.

The absolute bonus for me, was the excellent crafting I gave to the long weekend starting with Thursday. Since moving to New York for school some seven years ago, I tend to find myself at the Metropolitan Opera House with a good friend for a rollicking time with the in-house soprano, tenor and baritone. Die Fledermaus, did not disappoint: mistaken identities, foolish schemes, raucous party scenes, and tender reconciliations were standard fare in the performance, with the highlight of knowing that my roommate Alicia was strutting about in Act Two and then taking center stage with the dance chorus to send up the New Year! Cynthia was my date, and even with snow on the ground it didn’t ย dampen our spirits, but tested our ingenuity by bringing large enough bags to tote our heels. The night was a great one (and thanks to the box office who moved us from Family Circle to the Orchestra!)

IMG_4536 IMG_4537

Next up: The Main Event, Valentine’s Day proper. Not only did I receive a beautiful bouquet of roses from my parents (with a card reading “From the ones who loved you first.) but I also had great conversations with them both, with my mom about my brother and me, and having my dad sing a classic Motown tune before ending the call. I sent valentines to my friends via Postmark.com and left a voicemail for my brother and his family. Then it was off to the picture show with the roomies where we laughed and got misty-eyed watching “About Last Night” at the Magic Johnson AMC (love my Harlem) before heading across the street to get in a good workout. The evening brought reunions, tunes, and more laughs when I got drinks with Bloo and then headed to New World Stages for an abridged, sing-along showing of Sister Act 2. My friend Chris arrived to join us in the fun and we sang until our throats grew dry.

IMG_4539 IMG_4545 IMG_4546

Looking back, I am able to ,once again, realize how fortunate I am to have the friends that I have and the family I was blessed to be apart of. I hope you were able to reach those same conclusions this past holiday and that it gives you the ammunition needed to walk the icy streets, relish the winter before the hot, steamy months of summer bake us, or until the next opportunity comes your way. ๐Ÿ™‚