2016: I’m Coming For Ya



Happy New Year everybody!

This year, I have decided to continue on the road of “Consistent and Persistent” that I began building in 2015. The mantra really helped me to focus on what was important and to really make bold moves in my personal and professional life. Building momentum to this idea I will also strive to promote myself and my work this year (so don’t be surprised to see more of the #shamelessplug on my Instagram!)

As I stated in my last post, I will only be posting once a week this year. So be sure to stop by every Thursday to see what’s happening in Harlem, and as always my Instagram feed will have the most up-to-date news and stories from my day to day life so follow me: @rocksolidmel.

Below are some of the ideas, phrases and quotes I want to use this year to get me from month to month. I hope that they will inspire you too!
Ciao 😊







Monthly Motivations


Better late than never! Who says you need to have your motivations at the top of the month? I sure don’t…this month. Listen, when times get busy it’s in the quiet moments when you have the opportunity to take stock of what’s been happening around you, and what you want to see for yourself in the weeks ahead.

As 2015, begins to wrap up, I have become cognizant of the little things that make my days go with ease, allowing me the freedom to create and appreciate the joy in my days. Hopefully, these little nuggets will push you to tackle that challenge staring you in the face.

Ciao πŸ™‚

New Month, More Motivation



Well, the flurry of January is now behind me, and while I am very thankful for all the beginning of the year has afforded me, I’m not ashamed to admit I welcome the calm of my regular schedule. As the snow drifts outside my window, I am able to reflect on all of the things I wish to get accomplished during the shortest month of the year. The key word that I can think of is “Maintenance.” It’s time for an overhaul as far as mind, body, spirit, and career are concerned. I’m looking forward to the numerous doctors’ appointments I have scheduled for the month, as well as, getting back into the swing of auditioning and submissions full time. Even while it is February, as an actor I must always be looking ahead to the next season and what jobs I can book for the future.

So while I HATE them, it’s time to get ready for early alarms, cold mornings and long lines at the Equity Center and midtown studios. It must be done in order to move forward, and therefore I will do it. Now that I have my days back to myself, I can start looking at classes and workshops to increase my network and gain new skills under my belt. February will fly by, if I am able to stick to my goals!

Cheers to February and may it snow a little less, haha.