This was a tremendous weekend friends! I went on as Mac Jenkins in That Bachelorette Show at 42west on Saturday, danced my butt off and interaced with audience members and my fellow castmates all night. While Saturday was an evening I won’t soon forget, the cherry on top for the weekend was gathering my talented friends in my living room and bringing my baby, Shampagne, to life on steamy Sunday night.

There is nothing that I can write or say to adequately express the multitude of emotions I felt yesterday. If you’re a writer or creator who depends on the strengths and talents of others to bring your creative vision to life you would be better equipped to translate what I mean.

The year is starting to pick up the pace as we stare down the last few weeks of summer. Looking at my vision board from January and seeing what lictures, ideas and quotes have been realized so far is awe inspiring. Focus, drive and the love and support from family and friend shave pushed me so far.

Now it’s time to kick it up one more notch to help make 2015 an extremely memorable and monumental year.

Ciao 😉

Throwback Thursday


Good morning on this lovely Kickoff 2014 Game Day! (super happy that football is BACK!)

Today, I have a pretty sweet Throwback Thursday featuring myself and my brother from yesteryear. One of the amazing bonuses of my family vacation last week was when my Uncle Jimmy and Cousin Maxine brought old photo albums and boxes of photos chronicling family milestones and memories. Everybody walked away with a healthy stack to add to their personal collections 🙂

I hope you get a kick out of these photos, and I can’t wait to share my September goals with you tomorrow!