August, A-Go-Go-Go


Guys! A few amazing things have happened since August 1st, that I must share with you:

1.) I spent a long weekend in Prattsville, NY for the Rising Circle season-planning retreat. (thanks Adam!)

2.) I found out that I will be making my Off-Broadway debut this week, in That Bachelorette Show. (eeeeeeeeee!!!!!)


3.) I had the first production meeting for my passion project, Shampagne, coming to a laptop/iPad/streaming device near you in 2016.

So, forgive me for my laziness absence. Life has just been super crazy in the best possible way. All of these events are just fodder for tons of posts and photo collages, diaries, and fun things to come! Consistently and persistently, the plethora of quotes, goals and images on my image board at the top of the year are bearing fruit. Stick with me everybody, with three and a half months left in the year, who knows how far I will go?


Ciao 🙂

Two Peas in a Pod


A major reason why I was MIA last month, is because my Dad was in town! We got to spend a long weekend together, visiting museums, eating amazing food, watching great theatre, and having a large slice of home at Stella Adler when my first class of acting students took the stage. I don’t want to gush about how great the visit was, how I had not seen Dad since February, yada yada yada. Instead, I’ll do what I do best, show you in pictures!!!

Wandering Wednesday (DC Edition)


Over the weekend, I journeyed via Bolt Bus to Washington, DC to spend some quality time with my mom! (Doesn’t “journeyed” make it sound epic?) Considering I had not seen her since Christmas, it was fun to celebrate Mother’s Day a week later. We managed to visit the Library of Congress, the National Portrait Gallery and its exhibit entitled “American Cool”, saw a phenomenal production of Henry IV, part 1 at the Shakespeare Theatre and managed a day trip out to Waldorf, MD to visit my Aunt Sharon and her family! (phew). The moment I arrived at the hotel, to breakfast Monday morning there was nothing but smiles, laughter, and joy. Here’s a gander at what we got up to.

Love you Ma! 🙂