Managing March


March definitely snuck up on me this year! I must be honest that the month of February was a little rough for me, but it also helped renew my writing, focus on what steps to take in my career, and open my eyes to mistakes I made and a need to spotlight the positive and not trudge myself through the negative. I go through phases a few times a year where I have trouble deciding where to go, who to speak to, or what should come next and instead of happening in January, February received the brunt of these feelings in 2014. (some may attribute this to Mercury being in retrograde, and even if I had looked into that, I ‘m not sure the stars and planets affected me to this extent).

But…it’s a new month! Spring is on the way (we hope) and performance opportunities are on the horizon, new collaborations have been created, and fresh inspiration has once again awakened me to new possibilities 🙂 

The themes I’m working with this month are pretty straight-forward and can be summed up in one word: management. With Lent beginning this Wednesday I get to decide what to rid myself of for 40 days and nights, with a new month I get to have a third fresh start in the year to build on what I have established this year, as well as, revive hidden passions and goals that fell to the wayside. I will approach my finances with renewed vigor (eek), start looking toward the summer with realistic goals and plan for at least one trip to take, in addition to my bi-annual family vacation, where I can recharge my batteries and learn more about myself. Begin to really see if teaching is an outlet I wish to pursue in the future by working with the Stella Adler outreach department this spring on Riker’s Island, and tackling rehearsals and auditions with all that I have!

Phew, a lot to tackle this month, but you know something I look forward to achieving all of them and even more that I haven’t even thought of yet.

On another note, I can’t believe it but my blog also turns one this month!! Exciting to me, considering how hard I fought against it and also at my persistance to keep it up this long. So, in honor of this achievement, I will be putting up a brand new page this month titled “100 Happy Days.” A few of my friends on Facebook and Instagram have been participating in this and I have decided to throw my hat into the ring as well! If you want more information check out the link below to sign up and comment on the page with your “happy moments” as well, after all what bad can come out of highlighting the bright spots in your day?

I hope that your March will be filled with happiness, encouragement and inspiration! Stay with me as I journey through a new year and new dreams in New York! 😉