Weekend Shenanigans


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A lot of fun and exciting things have taken place since November started. I went to the Columbia vs. Harvard football game this past Saturday (riveting football it was not) and was able to see what a New York City Ivy League football game was all about. (Tailgating: nope, Great Bleacher Activity: nada, Fantastic Band Selections: sadly no, awesome Columbia duds bought at the bookstore: you bet). To be honest, Cynthia and I knew going in that the game would leave much to be desired, but at least we can mark it off our list of things we’ve done (heck NYU doesn’t even have a football team so they’ve one-upped us in that regard anyway).

In addition to my Lion-pride at the football field, I went out and supported my Ivanov friends in the CUGA class of 2015’s French Existentialist performances. Seeing Amber, Crystal and finally Marcel on stage was a real treat, and of course dinner and drinks occurred afterward thanks to the mini reunion the performances allowed (saw Chris, Jason, Vincent, Shiva, Tauriq, Kevin, AJ, and Anouk) which brought with it the conversation of remounting the show and possibly taking it abroad??? (hmmmmm).

Oh yeah! In case you haven’t noticed I got a HAIRCUT!!! Tim, at Arrojo Studios, really hooked me up with a short bob that I love!!!! It also gives me the perfect excuse to invest in a new flatiron to get the sleek look he gave me in the salon. For once I’m going to upkeep my cut and let it hang around for awhile 🙂

Well I believe that’s all I have to say right now…phew.

Oh wait, I’m reading the new Duke Ellington biography right now, so look out for some quotes from it on my Wordy Wednesday post up tomorrow!

Now I’m done.




Am I the only person that finds it hard to believe that we have already reached the downward slope of 2013? Meaning it’s November (11th for that matter, Veteran’s Day for another) and that Christmas trees, ice skating rinks, holiday pop up shops, and layaway options for electronics, clothes, toys and furniture are now rampant from television screens to scaffolding to lobby displays in Midtown and beyond?

Seems kind of fast doesn’t it? Especially since it’s not even Thanksgiving yet (which I’m pretty sure all retailers, sans Macy’s, have forgotten exists).

I gotta say that last week, was busy in one way and extremely mellow in another. Meaning that I was trying to find stable footing after the closing of Ivanov but was unable to with Halloween festivities, travel to Atlantic City and trying to figure out what November means for me in terms of personal goals and themes.

Let’s just say that I’m still trying to catch my breath, but it’s nice to be in a flurry of activity. Getting back in the audition room, spending time with new friends, watching my Ivanov fam kick butt in their French Existentialist plays, finally catching up with my brother on the phone, helping vote in a new Mayor for New York City,  attending an Ivy League football game (woof), and watching my Saints stomp on the Cowboys last night, I got a lot done I think.

Well the words are out, so look for picture posts today and tomorrow that will catch you up to all that was described here. Whooo.

O November, the season of reunion, family, football, and re connections. Can’t believe you’re here already, and almost halfway over at that, as always I’m curious to see what this month will bring.



Cast Shenanigans


How does the saying go? “Work hard, Play hard.” Let me tell you that those never rang more true than this past weekend haha. With each new performance the Ivanov cast found new rhythms and cadences for their characters and for the play itself, so of course at each night’s conclusion we felt we deserved a pat on the back for “A Job Well Done.” Celebrating Jason’s birthday on opening night at Mel’s Burger, grabbing lunch at Deluxe and dancing at my apartment on Saturday, and saying our goodbyes over drinks and Mexican food at Amigos. We soaked up as much time together that would be allowed between eating, sleeping and performing lol. Below are even MORE pics from what we did after the lights faded and the audience had gone home.

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IMG_3560 IMG_3555

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Ciao 😉

Production Week: In Photos


Ivanov has come to a close, but luckily I was able to take a few snapshots during Tech rehearsal and before each performance, which are included below. Ahhh, the actor’s life for me. Have a good one!

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A Love Letter


I know many actors say this after the close of a show, so i guess you can add my testament to the pile, but this last production has changed me. sure the accolades, compliments and congratulations given after each performance were inspiring, uplifting and reaffirming but looking back over the rehearsal process that brought the Upper West Side Ivanov, I found new family members and friends.

At the first table read I felt extremely connected to a Guest, as if we had met somewhere before, struggling to find a mutual event or acquaintance that linked us. Being afforded multiple laughs from a woman named Zinaida (who i know will become a sister to me in the coming months and years)  who seamlessly voiced all of the thoughts rambling in my head as we navigated through the anxiety and grotesque ridden world of Act Two. A heart-to- heart about Trayvon Martin and racial tensions in the South with Gavrila, a woman who never uttered a word, during a short ten-minute respite, allowed me to finally communicate my feelings and anguish about that sad event. Being afforded the opportunity to work with one of my dearest friends, Borkin to some, in a completely raucous scene was everything I could have hoped for our onstage reunion. The fits of giggles that happened each rehearsal watching Sasha compose herself as I had my “fits” right next to her on the couch. Having riveting discussions about the arts and its role in helping uncover the masks of prison inmates in South Africa with Ivanov, and learning a thing or two about communicating with the opposite sex from TB-ridden Anna and matchmaker Avdotya. Singing along to “Careless Whisper” as Kosykh played the melody on his saxophone, and teasing Lebedev on his vegan eating habits every chance i got. Loving every song choice that would pop up courtesy of DJ Lvov, at the cast club riot (lol) as Yegorushka showed us a thing or two about getting down on the dance floor. And lest I forget the moment when Shabelsky’s improv of “make it rain” made me break character on closing night as I was carried offstage.

Whodathunk that going into this Chekhovian world, seen through the eyes of Anouk and performed with passion, grace, and love would allow me the chance to make such deep connections with a great group of people?

This is why I do what I do. Sure filling someone else’s shoes for a short time is rewarding but its the relationships forged in the rehearsal room that can be trans-formative and everlasting.

To the cast of Ivanov: Thank you. I love you all and could never have dreamed that this would be the end result. 🙂