Monthly Motivations


Better late than never! Who says you need to have your motivations at the top of the month? I sure don’t…this month. Listen, when times get busy it’s in the quiet moments when you have the opportunity to take stock of what’s been happening around you, and what you want to see for yourself in the weeks ahead.

As 2015, begins to wrap up, I have become cognizant of the little things that make my days go with ease, allowing me the freedom to create and appreciate the joy in my days. Hopefully, these little nuggets will push you to tackle that challenge staring you in the face.

Ciao 🙂



This was a tremendous weekend friends! I went on as Mac Jenkins in That Bachelorette Show at 42west on Saturday, danced my butt off and interaced with audience members and my fellow castmates all night. While Saturday was an evening I won’t soon forget, the cherry on top for the weekend was gathering my talented friends in my living room and bringing my baby, Shampagne, to life on steamy Sunday night.

There is nothing that I can write or say to adequately express the multitude of emotions I felt yesterday. If you’re a writer or creator who depends on the strengths and talents of others to bring your creative vision to life you would be better equipped to translate what I mean.

The year is starting to pick up the pace as we stare down the last few weeks of summer. Looking at my vision board from January and seeing what lictures, ideas and quotes have been realized so far is awe inspiring. Focus, drive and the love and support from family and friend shave pushed me so far.

Now it’s time to kick it up one more notch to help make 2015 an extremely memorable and monumental year.

Ciao 😉

Oh, Hello There!


Long time, no write? Yes, I know. I’ve been missing in action over here on New York Dreaming, but never you fret. This is an extremely good thing. 2015, as I might have mentioned numerous times so far, is treating me supremely. Since I last wrote, I was cast in and completed a show, became an artist  member of a theatre company in the city I am extremely proud to be a part of, started rehearsals for another project, in the middle of rewrites for another and added another shift on to my normal duties over at the day job.


My passion is definitely in the driver’s seat this year, and that can only mean great things are on the horizon out in the real world and here on the blog. As February begins to wind down, I am ready to flood the home page with all of my adventures and accomplishments from the past two weeks AND ready my mind for my March monthly goals.

There’s a lot to do, and only 3 days to do it. Here goes!!!

Ciao 🙂

Frugal and Fierce February


February has definitely arrived in the Big Apple people! It’s a winter, slushy, snowy wonderland up here. Even while the puddles of doom loom on every street corner and it is a herculean fete to climb the snow-plowed mountains between yourself and the bus, the winter white reminds us all  me that it’s always best to slow down and enjoy the peace and stillness that this season brings.

As far as monthly motivations go, I think the post title is pretty self-explanatory. Frugal and fierce. I love alliteration obviously, but these characteristics fit seamlessly into my new year’s resolution of consistence and persistence. Things are still moving at a pretty fast clip in terms of my career, I will be in rehearsal for two shows starting this weekend, still exercising my teaching muscle over at Stella Adler, and getting the hang of this “writing thing” while developing a new web series. January was filled with nothing but ups for me, and a lot of that I credit to starting the year off right surrounded by family. So, in order to keep that feeling of love and support, my cousin Lauren and I have decided to have a scheduled family brunch the first Sunday of every month. A great excuse to try out new brunch spots in the city, and check in with one another even as our lives become more complex and busy.

As always, I hope that your January was a successful one and that you are still trying to keep to your new year’s resolutions, themes, or goals as we begin the short month that is February. Keep to your dreams and find inspiration in the world around you.

Ciao 🙂

Hello August!



There is nothing like the start of a new month! Especially when job opportunities are sitting in your inbox waiting to be accepted! So with a short film shoot booked for tomorrow, my August begins. July was definitely a whirlwind of activity, auditions, performances, reviews and friend hangouts. As I adjust to have not having my two best friends a room or subway trip away (Cynthia and Morgan) we have fallen into a groove now thanks to new and old technology (FaceTime and snail mail, respectively).

If you checked out my Month Motivation post yesterday, you saw the Outer Banks photo wedged between two quotes of inspiration. Acting is a hustle. Point, blank, period. You have to be entirely focused on the endgame you have for yourself while also balancing the disappointment and “almosts” that come with it. Reminding myself to dream big and being ready for whatever may come my way are two big ideas I will try to carry with me this month.

About a week ago, I was speaking to my friend Nia at brunch about putting up a production of “Crumbs from the Table of Joy” by Lynn Nottage, one of my favorite playwrights. We’d discussed doing something like this almost two years ago and still nothing has come of it. I think now is the time. While I have never mounted a show on my own before, I know that it can be done, and luckily for me I am surrounded by so many talented and caring artists that could help bring this dream to fruition. Fingers crossed, that by the end of this month I will have developed a plan and hopefully rounded up a team to make this idea a reality!

On the flip side, August is the beginning of the end…of summer. Sure, I don’t have school to go back to in September but this month will always represent back to school  and everything that goes with it: new clothes, school supplies, friends coming home from various vacations and the overwhelming sense of possibility and new adventures! It also means a cherished vacation with my extended family in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

If the Outer Banks means nothing to you, I only wish that you will, at some point in your life, understand the magic and beauty of this place. Family is what I immediately think of when I see a window decal or bumper sticker with “OBX” on the back. Dance parties, barbecues, afternoons lazing by the pool, a large group complete with towels, sunscreen, beach games and fun headed to the ocean, and the customary game nights played all week long flood my mind and a really ridiculous smile occupies my face. Guys! You have no idea how excited I am for this vacation!

I’m really looking forward to blogging about my time there and sharing you a small piece of my personal paradise 🙂

August! Let’s get this going…I’m ready for ya.

Ciao 🙂