Thursday Thoughts




Holy Crap, I’m a teacher! It’s my one month anniversary this week and I think I can say, with confidence, that I am now a teacher. Super weird, when you reach those points in your life that you always dreamed about as a kid.

Living in New York? Check!

Finding my way in the world of acting? Check!

Writing lesson plans for actual students and then using them or completely tossing them out? Check!

Before my first day I was excited and anxious, no different from the feelings I had on my first day of studio seven years ago. I knew I had big shoes to fill (thanks Jason) and that Shakespeare and I have a love/hate relationship. I kid. I kid. It’s mostly love, but if I’m going to be truly transparent here: Billy requires a lot of work. Once I got past these fears, walked through the door, sat with my students (!) and absorbed the inspiring words spoken by Adler’s artistic director I knew I could do this.

I’m not going to make it all sunshine and rainbows. My students definitely keep me on my toes: forcing me to always be at attention, adjusting to their needs, listening, creating new rehearsal exercises to get them to the next level, and really learning to be more confident in my own approach as a teaching artist.

Want to know a secret? Ever since I saw the Winona Ryder version of Little Women when Jo inherits Aunt March’s home and turns it into a school for boys, I’ve wanted to do the same thing. Not a school for boys, per se, but an acting school to establish and run in Jackson. Teaching at Adler is so rewarding, so invigorating, and so challenging. I’m glad that I have been exposed to this experience so much earlier than I thought possible. Sure, it still is a little terrifying when I head to class each week, but it’s from the place of not wanting to let them down, or Billy Shakes either, I suppose.

Ciao 🙂

Monday Musings


One of my favorite poems, I think because not only does it come to mind every spring, but also because I recall the memories of riding with my mother in the car on our drive when she spotted the first buds of spring. (You know the trees, the daffodils, the buttercups…) After the weekend I had, plus the wonderful Monday morning and early afternoon which led me into Central Park, the words of this poem brought a huge smile to my face as I watched a softball game. Hope you enjoy it!

Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

Nature’s first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.




*If you been following me since the beginning you may remember that I quoted this poem once before. If not hop over to the post titled Jazz. 🙂

Frost Yourself!


It’s Monday! Our annual Christmas party went off without a hitch on Saturday. Even with the ridiculous snowfall and wind, friends piled into the apartment for drinks, snacks and overall merriment! “Frost Yourself” was an amazing success!!! Here is the photo diary…


IMG_4044 IMG_4124


IMG_4059 IMG_4094IMG_4119


IMG_4096 IMG_4063 IMG_4072





 IMG_4113   IMG_4127

IMG_4103  IMG_4123

Biking? Me? Why Not?


While I may not have rented a CitiBike like I mentioned in my previous post “Fresh Start,” I finally did get the courage to borrow my roommate’s bike (Schwinny) and helmet and go for a ride.

I never realized how much I missed riding a bike until I was pedaling along side the Hudson River, wind blowing in my face, geese crossing the bike path, and my Pandora station blasting in my ears. It definitely took me back to the days back home when I ride my bike, somewhat faithfully, everyday on our drive. Rain or shine (especially Rain) I would roll out my purple mountain bike and ride up and down our gravel road, throwing caution to the wind, belting at the top of my longs, as I hit puddles, grass, and fields.  (i’ll put a picture of our road below so you understand what I’m talking about).

Even when people talk about how solitary New York City can be, lack of eye contact or random stranger chats, I must admit that sometimes I really value that when I’m singing Maroon 5 and The Four Tops at the top of my lungs on the Greenway and not having to worry about a stray glance or upturned nose at my singing or smiling.

There is nothing more freeing than being on a bike going someplace or no place. I understand why Cynthia and her friends love it so much. While I never see myself braving actual traffic with cars, pedestrians and other cyclists, recreational biking is definitely where it’s at!



My First “Greenway”




Photos from my recent Rides