A new month! A new week! A Monday recap of all things fun from the weekend. Since I’m still catching up on blogs that went un-seen last month, this edition of #AboutLastNight features photos not only from Halloween fun, but birthday celebrations for Jason the week before.

Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel

Halloween 2014

Happy Friday


Happy Halloween everybody!

It’s a little chilly here in the city today, which means a few people may be shivering in their costumes, but that won’t stop them from heading out tonight and painting the town red. Every year I find myself in the same dilemma, embrace the holiday with all I’ve got or just go about my day normally and enjoy all of the festive people and activities around me. This year is no exception. I have possible plans for the evening and could even scrounge up a costume at Goodwill, if I so choose, but this morning I’m more of the “Let me just put on a wig and call it a day.”

Hard to imagine that tomorrow marks the start of November and this weekend Daylight Savings Time begins. If you want to find out what I decided to do before my post on Monday, check my Instagram to get an update. Below find a few pictures from Halloween’s past.

Ciao 🙂

Halloween in a Nutshell




Better late than never? Haha. Well it would be lame of me to say that Halloween was just so overwhelming with good times and travel that I wanted to experience it fully before putting the documentation up on the blog…Hey wait a minute, that’s not lame at all 🙂 Going to the NY West Village Halloween Parade on Thursday with friends new and old and then heading to Atlantic City for a Carnival themed Halloween party, I definitely went all out this year (almost as much as Junior year of college when I was a red-headed flapper lol). Spending time with Kathleen, Cynthia, and Myles in NYC and then chatting and playing party games in NJ, it was definitely fun this year and I’m already thinking of costumes for next year. (Carmen Sandiego maybe? hmmmm)




Am I the only person that finds it hard to believe that we have already reached the downward slope of 2013? Meaning it’s November (11th for that matter, Veteran’s Day for another) and that Christmas trees, ice skating rinks, holiday pop up shops, and layaway options for electronics, clothes, toys and furniture are now rampant from television screens to scaffolding to lobby displays in Midtown and beyond?

Seems kind of fast doesn’t it? Especially since it’s not even Thanksgiving yet (which I’m pretty sure all retailers, sans Macy’s, have forgotten exists).

I gotta say that last week, was busy in one way and extremely mellow in another. Meaning that I was trying to find stable footing after the closing of Ivanov but was unable to with Halloween festivities, travel to Atlantic City and trying to figure out what November means for me in terms of personal goals and themes.

Let’s just say that I’m still trying to catch my breath, but it’s nice to be in a flurry of activity. Getting back in the audition room, spending time with new friends, watching my Ivanov fam kick butt in their French Existentialist plays, finally catching up with my brother on the phone, helping vote in a new Mayor for New York City,  attending an Ivy League football game (woof), and watching my Saints stomp on the Cowboys last night, I got a lot done I think.

Well the words are out, so look for picture posts today and tomorrow that will catch you up to all that was described here. Whooo.

O November, the season of reunion, family, football, and re connections. Can’t believe you’re here already, and almost halfway over at that, as always I’m curious to see what this month will bring.



Throwback Thursday


Continuing with the Halloween costume theme for the month, here are some pics from the Halloween-themed children’s show I did two years ago with the wonderful Matt and Ian, directed by Jesse Bush. It was my first paid acting gig out of college and it was a blast to do! Enjoy


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Wordy Wednesday


As you know, I am currently in rehearsals for a production of Anton Chekhov’s “Ivanov,” and I got to tell you that not only am I growing and continuing to hone my “craft” (lol) but the group of people I get to go on this journey with are spot on and I’m learning by just watching them take the stage and give it all they got.

The production goes up a week from Thursday, with our invited dress, and I am not afraid to say that this is going to be some of my best character work to date. So if you’re in the New York area during Halloween and want to see a few chats in the garden and the strangest dinner party this side of Alice’s rabbit hole, head uptown to Columbia October 25-27th at 8pm in the Schapiro Studio at 122nd street and Broadway. Facebook event page info will be posted here as soon as it’s launched.

Having said all of that I’ve decided to bring back Wordy Wednesday with some great quotes from “The War of Art..” by Steven Pressfield.

Ciao 🙂

“The best and only thing that one artist can do for another is to serve as an example and an inspiration.”

“Self-doubt can be an ally…If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), ‘Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?’ chances are you are.”