Tuesday Thoughts


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Have a great day today everyone! I have already started my day on a high note and it’s only 11am, and I know that it can only go up from here. If you have the time whether on your lunch break or after you leave the office, just take a minute to look around, see where you are and be proud of all you have done to get to this place and what you can do next to reach even higher.

Ciao 🙂

Springing into April!


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There are days that New York City simply takes my breath away. Fortunately, for me, April 1st was one of those days for me. I find it somewhat ironic that it happened actually, considering how my Facebook newsfeed has been inundated with numerous articles about leaving New York, or falling out of love with New York, or wondering if New York is the place for you. Speaking solely for myself when I say this, I have never seriously questioned my being here, nor have I felt that the city itself was working against me. When you start thinking about the numerous songs, poems, great works of literature and art that try to encapsulate all that New York is, how can you possibly question your presence in it? 

It may sound extremely cheesy, but yesterday as I walking along Park Avenue South towards Grand Central, the feeling of gratitude swept over me. It’s been a while since I’ve walked in Midtown at sunset: the hustle and bustle of taxis, cars, buses and people making their way home after a long day in their offices. But looking north on that avenue I was able to see the Chrysler Building to my right bathed in a purple glow, and Grand Central’s green-copper roof stretching to the sky, beckoning travelers to it. The Met Life Building standing strong, casting its sights downtown towards Union Square and beyond. And then traipsing through Times Square, as the sun continued its descent, even tourists and theater-goers couldn’t affect my attitude as I looked North to the purple, orange and red skies, and then South, to the twilight that settled on the Island downtown.

Walking to the St. James theatre, I could not help but think of the immediate future. All of the events, moments, and people waiting for me to experience, remember and meet made me giddy for the month ahead! I hope that April 1st was a bright moment for you as it was for me. Spring brings with it such joy and promises for beginnings, prosperity and life. May you experience all of that and more this month and this season, because I certainly plan too!!


A Love Letter


I know many actors say this after the close of a show, so i guess you can add my testament to the pile, but this last production has changed me. sure the accolades, compliments and congratulations given after each performance were inspiring, uplifting and reaffirming but looking back over the rehearsal process that brought the Upper West Side Ivanov, I found new family members and friends.

At the first table read I felt extremely connected to a Guest, as if we had met somewhere before, struggling to find a mutual event or acquaintance that linked us. Being afforded multiple laughs from a woman named Zinaida (who i know will become a sister to me in the coming months and years)  who seamlessly voiced all of the thoughts rambling in my head as we navigated through the anxiety and grotesque ridden world of Act Two. A heart-to- heart about Trayvon Martin and racial tensions in the South with Gavrila, a woman who never uttered a word, during a short ten-minute respite, allowed me to finally communicate my feelings and anguish about that sad event. Being afforded the opportunity to work with one of my dearest friends, Borkin to some, in a completely raucous scene was everything I could have hoped for our onstage reunion. The fits of giggles that happened each rehearsal watching Sasha compose herself as I had my “fits” right next to her on the couch. Having riveting discussions about the arts and its role in helping uncover the masks of prison inmates in South Africa with Ivanov, and learning a thing or two about communicating with the opposite sex from TB-ridden Anna and matchmaker Avdotya. Singing along to “Careless Whisper” as Kosykh played the melody on his saxophone, and teasing Lebedev on his vegan eating habits every chance i got. Loving every song choice that would pop up courtesy of DJ Lvov, at the cast club riot (lol) as Yegorushka showed us a thing or two about getting down on the dance floor. And lest I forget the moment when Shabelsky’s improv of “make it rain” made me break character on closing night as I was carried offstage.

Whodathunk that going into this Chekhovian world, seen through the eyes of Anouk and performed with passion, grace, and love would allow me the chance to make such deep connections with a great group of people?

This is why I do what I do. Sure filling someone else’s shoes for a short time is rewarding but its the relationships forged in the rehearsal room that can be trans-formative and everlasting.

To the cast of Ivanov: Thank you. I love you all and could never have dreamed that this would be the end result. 🙂