It’s a Family Affair


Hard to believe that it was only two weeks ago when I found myself in Paradise! The Eppes Family Vacation happens every two years on the coast of North Carolina in an area called the Outer Banks (OBX). If you happened to stop by on my week away, you noticed my Instagram feed was filled with sunrises, beach photos, and the like, but not too much of any one thing. That’s because I saved the bulk of my photos for you, my readers!

This first post will feature all of the pictures I managed to take of and with family while away. I hope you enjoy this photo collage, as much as I have enjoyed selecting the photos to post.

Easter Weekend


There is nothing like celebrating the successes of a family member. Not only do you get to see everyone, but it becomes a time of remembrance, gratitude, storytelling and pride in what you are and where you came from. When Good Friday rolled around, I once again found myself boarding a bus headed to another state, this time Virginia. Few of you may know but I am proud to say that I am the niece of the current Chief Deputy Attorney General of Virginia, my Aunt Cynthia! So when the evite invitation hit my inbox a few months ago, there was no doubt in my mind that I would attend! My aunt is a strong, intelligent, humble and gracious woman who deserves all of the achievements and accolades that have come her way, and this appointment is no exception. Getting to hear her explain her position and the power she wields over her large office of employees is mind-boggling, but only because it’s hard to imagine anyone else holding the office.

Getting to see cousins I rarely see or hardly know, as well as old family friends in attendance, there was a unanimous feeling that Aunt Cynthia was the woman for the job, and that her family, upbringing, and diligent focus got her to where she is today! There is nothing like family, and hearing my Grandmother and a host of others speaking directly to my generation about the gauntlet being passed to us, inspired me to work even harder for my dreams and to always be grateful for my family’s humble beginnings and amazing fortune and blessings. Now that’s what I call a memorable Easter holiday.