It was a week ago…
I was weak ago?
Converging together
Cars, trains, planes
Highways, railways, sky ways
irrigated with the tears of a clan
My clan, my kin
Smiles gave way to hugs gave way to “How ya been’s?”
Heightened attention was focused towards the table
That corner
That seat
At each phone ring
door opening,
plate of food delivered
memory spoken
The ritual
The exchanges
The reminders
A breath
Back to catch up:
“How ya been?”,
“How was the trip?”
“How’s the weather?”
“Thanksgiving wasn’t that long ago…”
Laughter, cards, beer and Jack
we find our center once again
The fog not lifted but easier to navigate with the headlamps called “family”
The ritual
The exchanges
The reminders
A breath
Clothes of black
Veils of protection
Cloth to soothe tired faucets
as they run free and clear without ceasing
The pats
The hands
The feeling of warmth radiated from outside constellations to yours
Laughter, cards, tea, and cake
We say our goodbyes
Reflect in our goodbyes
Knowing “good” and “bye” will never be said to you again
The ritual
The exchanges
The reminders
A breath
Peeling off the clothes
the foil
Saran Wrap
bottle caps
Holding one another with tall tales, peace and quiet, drinking of wine,
Liquor, both dark and clear
Burning out the fog to cling to one another and bathe in the faith,
Strength and love that sustains us.
Sustained you



June is here, and I realized that I wasn’t very consistent with my April May posts. Oops. But, luckily there are photos that I can plaster up NOW, to give you an idea of what I was up to. In all honesty, I was a pretty bad blogger. There were a lot of amazing things that happened in May: my Adler ladies brunch, performances, reunions with friends, walks in new neighborhoods, that I just didn’t record or photograph.

Talk about awful bad. But, even if I don’t have an image to go along with these moments, the memories are good enough for me. After all, I didn’t always have a Facebook. Instagram, Xanga, blog as a resource for all of the internet-world to see and relive my life, so it’s kind of fun for me to have a few things for myself. 😉

Below you will, however, find a May slideshow chockfull of photos from Andrew’s New York City art debut, roomie night out with Alicia at Apotheke, Lauren’s graduation from NYU, a day at the Whitney with Kyla, drinks after a busy casting day with Glen, Pierre, and David and more!

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Ciao 🙂

2014: The Year of “See Ya Later’s” (Updated 12/15/14)



As with each year, brought with it a myriad of new opportunities, new friends and new memories, but it also brought a whole bunch of going away parties and tears too. This year I have had to say “See Ya Later” to my two rocks: Cynthia and Morgan, in the SAME MONTH, (you can read about that here), my main girls Jassmine and Nia, new friend Krystina, and Michelle (but she came back). These girls each hold special places in my heart and my life. And I take comfort in the fact that it is indeed a “See Ya Later” and not a “goodbye.”

Below are a few snapshots of the fun we got into in the city or all around the country this year.

*edit: Since publishing this post last week, I’ve had to say “See Ya Later” to another friend. Willow is on her way to Africa once again 😦

Grand total of “See Ya Later’s”: 6

Friends who have returned: 1

The feeling of love I have for them all: Priceless

Ciao 🙂



I had a TON of fun this weekend, celebrating with friends and family alike. Cynthia’s last hurrah in town was Friday, before flying back to St. Thomas, taking in a Broadway show Saturday afternoon, and celebrating my cousin Lauren’s 25th birthday Saturday night. Good times, slightly exhausting, but fun nonetheless. We’re only young once, right? Enjoy the photo diary below, to get a feel for my weekend.

Ciao 🙂

O “Midsummer” I barely knew ye…


The weekend after a show has closed always feels a little empty. There’s no rush to get on the subway to make your call time. No more gold eyeliner and purple eyeshadow. No warmup circle to check in with each other before the show. Goodbye to final costume and prop check before the stage manager gives the curtain speech. Au revoir to two hours of  rip-roaring Billy Shakespeare-composed fun, and sayonara to post-show drinks and dinner with my cast members.

“Midsummer”, took out a sizable chunk in my social calendar for three months, so yeah it kind of stunk to realize I did not HAVE to be downtown at First Street Green Cultural Park for three more performances this weekend. But hey! That’s why I’m in this business. To create short term families with people who want to achieve the same things that I do. To tell a  magical story to a new audience each night, reaching for each laugh and uncomfortable glare (trust me, those were good for this show.) As with most productions, there were ups and downs, dramatic entrances and exits over the course of the rehearsal period, unhappiness and discourse amongst actors and directors alike, but in the end we were able to ball up all of that energy and focus into a pretty solid show. This short photo diary below encompasses the last month of rehearsal, performance stills and cast bonding post performance. Enjoy and viva la theatra!

Ciao 🙂