Tuesday Thoughts



Good friends, reunions, memories and time spent together get me through the day! Just a few photos of the people I’m extremely honored to call friends who make me laugh, keep me grounded, and support me in all that I do. Love you all and blessed to know you.

Ciao 🙂

Good Friends = A Good Time


Happy Friday!


Wordy Wednesday


I don’t even know if I can preface a post with the phrase: “The older I get the more I…” but I feel that intro is apropos for this week’s Wordy Wednesday.

The older I get the more I…

begin to learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to my relationships. Now in the context of this post I’m merely looking at relationships from the friend viewpoint and not the “significant other” category (seeing how I don’t have one). Over the past week I’ve come to understand the power of words, how those words should or should not be communicated, and that no matter how open you perceive a friendship to be there are always lines that should and should not be crossed. Yeah sure I’m speaking in generalities, but I don’t believe the specifics of this tale need to be known for my discovery to be effective.

I have to admit that this was a hard lesson to learn but because of it, I was able to reconnect with other friends, make myself vulnerable to someone new in my life, who embraced me fully and listened to all I had to say as I finally voiced my frustration and confusion, and (this is so actor-y of me) able to push myself to a new level in terms of my scene work for the production I’m starring in at the end of the month. Talking to my mother about it was also an interesting experience in and of itself because I haven’t really talked to her about these kinds of issues in such a way before, and, as always, she listened wholeheartedly and gave me the advice I needed to handle the situation with grace while at the same time hitting me across the head with some Eppes schooling. (haha)

This post may seem very longwinded but I just wanted to put it out there if anybody else happens to find themselves in a similar situation. Remember that words can hurt, not all of your opinions need to be heard out loud, and whether or not you think a friend can hear and handle what you have to say, keep in mind that they have opinions too and what they think and understand to be true to them holds just as much weight.

A Love Letter


I know many actors say this after the close of a show, so i guess you can add my testament to the pile, but this last production has changed me. sure the accolades, compliments and congratulations given after each performance were inspiring, uplifting and reaffirming but looking back over the rehearsal process that brought the Upper West Side Ivanov, I found new family members and friends.

At the first table read I felt extremely connected to a Guest, as if we had met somewhere before, struggling to find a mutual event or acquaintance that linked us. Being afforded multiple laughs from a woman named Zinaida (who i know will become a sister to me in the coming months and years)  who seamlessly voiced all of the thoughts rambling in my head as we navigated through the anxiety and grotesque ridden world of Act Two. A heart-to- heart about Trayvon Martin and racial tensions in the South with Gavrila, a woman who never uttered a word, during a short ten-minute respite, allowed me to finally communicate my feelings and anguish about that sad event. Being afforded the opportunity to work with one of my dearest friends, Borkin to some, in a completely raucous scene was everything I could have hoped for our onstage reunion. The fits of giggles that happened each rehearsal watching Sasha compose herself as I had my “fits” right next to her on the couch. Having riveting discussions about the arts and its role in helping uncover the masks of prison inmates in South Africa with Ivanov, and learning a thing or two about communicating with the opposite sex from TB-ridden Anna and matchmaker Avdotya. Singing along to “Careless Whisper” as Kosykh played the melody on his saxophone, and teasing Lebedev on his vegan eating habits every chance i got. Loving every song choice that would pop up courtesy of DJ Lvov, at the cast club riot (lol) as Yegorushka showed us a thing or two about getting down on the dance floor. And lest I forget the moment when Shabelsky’s improv of “make it rain” made me break character on closing night as I was carried offstage.

Whodathunk that going into this Chekhovian world, seen through the eyes of Anouk and performed with passion, grace, and love would allow me the chance to make such deep connections with a great group of people?

This is why I do what I do. Sure filling someone else’s shoes for a short time is rewarding but its the relationships forged in the rehearsal room that can be trans-formative and everlasting.

To the cast of Ivanov: Thank you. I love you all and could never have dreamed that this would be the end result. 🙂



“In West Philadelphia born and raised” ??? (probs not lol)


Well even while my trip to the City of Brotherly Love was many moons ago, I do believe that it deserves a post fitting to the amazing experience that I had there with my chica Jassmine.

I doubt I’m the only one who loves getting to see new friends in their childhood element. How they interact with family, hometown friends, or even navigating their public transit systems and downtown areas, it illuminates another side of the person you consider to be an important part of your life. Seeing Jassmine in Philly opened my eyes to her urban character, her rooted and somewhat earthy perspective, and her ties to family and friends and how she fits into her family’s makeup. That’s a lot to see in just two days huh? But even though it may seem unrealistic, I have to admit that I think I was able to start to chip away at her essence and what makes her, HER. 🙂

I love being a tourist in a new place, especially if I was there once before  but was unable or unwilling to leave my hotel room. (haha) So, in semi-lackadaisacal fashion here is a small photo diary of my wanderings through Philadelphia with Jassmine and Derrick 🙂


My first photo of Philly waiting outside in the courtyard by the bus station.

IMG_2252 IMG_3232

Waiting for the train, making my “Philly face” with Jassmine

IMG_2255  IMG_2289 IMG_2265

Downtown Philly: City Hall, Ben Franklin Statue, another great building

IMG_2285 IMG_2258 IMG_3229

Trying to hold up this falling domino piece, the iconic LOVE sculpture (thought it would be bigger), playing in the fountain by the sculpture (it was hot and muggy)

IMG_2299 IMG_2305

IMG_2302 IMG_2312

Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell (again thought it would be bigger, and ACCESSIBLE, guess not)


Having fun with Rocky Balboa, getting some Fro-yo, and a picture with the Phillies Mascot. Mini photo shoot on Ben Franklin Parkway at dusk.




Final shots of the city…