O “Midsummer” I barely knew ye…


The weekend after a show has closed always feels a little empty. There’s no rush to get on the subway to make your call time. No more gold eyeliner and purple eyeshadow. No warmup circle to check in with each other before the show. Goodbye to final costume and prop check before the stage manager gives the curtain speech. Au revoir to two hours of  rip-roaring Billy Shakespeare-composed fun, and sayonara to post-show drinks and dinner with my cast members.

“Midsummer”, took out a sizable chunk in my social calendar for three months, so yeah it kind of stunk to realize I did not HAVE to be downtown at First Street Green Cultural Park for three more performances this weekend. But hey! That’s why I’m in this business. To create short term families with people who want to achieve the same things that I do. To tell a  magical story to a new audience each night, reaching for each laugh and uncomfortable glare (trust me, those were good for this show.) As with most productions, there were ups and downs, dramatic entrances and exits over the course of the rehearsal period, unhappiness and discourse amongst actors and directors alike, but in the end we were able to ball up all of that energy and focus into a pretty solid show. This short photo diary below encompasses the last month of rehearsal, performance stills and cast bonding post performance. Enjoy and viva la theatra!

Ciao 🙂

Happy Friday


“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;”

– Juliet, R&J by Billy Shakes

Took a quiz over on The Quiz Creator yesterday to see what the name generator had to say about the meaning of mine. Pleasantly surprised that the attributes given to my name are the same words I use to describe myself: modest, energetic, loyal, intuitive, sincere and amusing. Good words that hopefully others can attest to, especially my friends and colleagues. Head on over to the site and type your name into the generator and see what you get!

If you picked up on that Shakespeare quote at the beginning of the post, you must get the sense that the Elizabethan wordsmith is on my mind today. Why, you would be right! Opening night for Midsummer is upon me and really looking forward to putting this whimsical and kind of strung-out production before an audience tonight. After all any show that has me go from:

 is a show worth seeing.

Am I right? Go ahead and reserve your FREE ticket for an evening of debauchery and love, you won’t be disappointed.

Ciao 🙂