An Actor’s Job Is Never Done



Last night, I finally willed myself to leave “New York Dreaming” alone long enough to update my professional page over at Updating, for me, is a blessing and a curse. The reason it’s two-fold has to do with the matter of finagling with another website’s formatting structure, but also exciting because I get to announce new performance opportunities coming my way, and production stills from projects completed. Got to do the best I can to get myself out there whether it be June or December. Stroll on over and see what’s new 😉

Happy Friday


While this post is a bit delayed (just finished my first three classes out on Rikers Island today, more details to come) I had to put up this great speech and new tumblr page I stumbled upon featuring Academy-award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o. I am another of the many who have jumped onto the Lupita bandwagon. Her elegance, grace, talent, and style are incredible inspirations for me. Knowing how hard she has worked to achieve all that has occurred in her whirlwind of a year since 12 Years A Slave‘s release were well earned and deserved.

Below you will find the speech she gave at Essence’s Black Women in Hollywood luncheon last week, as well as a tumblr page link which features some pretty great fan art archived from the web. May her Cinderella story inspire you and lift you to great heights as we prepare to “spring forward” this weekend 😉


Lupita Nyong’o Fan Art Page