Wandering Wednesday


While I realize it is actually Friday, my Wandering Wednesday post is going live TODAY! Yes, I’ve been busy blah, blah, blah (you can recap that here and here),but this week I started back on my messenger route which means, I’m getting paid to wander the streets of New York and take awesome photos in between stops. This week’s Wandering Wednesday features the pictures I was able to take throughout the month, when my fingers weren’t freezing.

Midtown, the Financial District, City Hall, and West Harlem are featured. Hope you enjoy!

Ciao 🙂

Time to Get Focused


Ferocity requires Focus…

This is an idea I came away with this weekend. If you read my monthly theme last week, you’ll remember that making this month a “fierce” one is a goal I have set for myself. But what does being fierce really entail, at least for me? Well, I’m glad you asked! Dedication, steadfast focus, looking at that subconscious To-Do List and actually checking off all of those ideas, tasks, and phone calls I’ve managed to put off for days, weeks, or even months. Continuing to make myself a priority, and figuring out what makes me tick, smile, happy, stressed and relaxed.

Don’t you just love those days when you are able to enjoy your dinner and say “Gee, I really kicked ass today! What took me so long to do all this stuff?” Well, my friends, that is exactly what I want to be able to say at the end of each day this month! And so with each week, I’ve decided to create mini-challenges for myself. (Fingers crossed, I pass them all with flying colors) This week I have decided to dedicate two hours each day to read and write. I have a great pile of books to choose from; two or three writing projects I have to refine, start, or complete; plus scripts to read, reread, memorize and grow to love.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and while I love Netflix binge-watching as much as the next person (currently obsessed with Chuck, by the way) Pages and pens, peace and quiet really do compliment each other, and with this gloomy February weather, there is no time like the present to embrace all that two of the three R’s have to offer.

So what do you think? Want to take this mini-challenge with me? Who knows what creativity or curiosity it could unleash…

Ciao 🙂

Frugal and Fierce February


February has definitely arrived in the Big Apple people! It’s a winter, slushy, snowy wonderland up here. Even while the puddles of doom loom on every street corner and it is a herculean fete to climb the snow-plowed mountains between yourself and the bus, the winter white reminds us all  me that it’s always best to slow down and enjoy the peace and stillness that this season brings.

As far as monthly motivations go, I think the post title is pretty self-explanatory. Frugal and fierce. I love alliteration obviously, but these characteristics fit seamlessly into my new year’s resolution of consistence and persistence. Things are still moving at a pretty fast clip in terms of my career, I will be in rehearsal for two shows starting this weekend, still exercising my teaching muscle over at Stella Adler, and getting the hang of this “writing thing” while developing a new web series. January was filled with nothing but ups for me, and a lot of that I credit to starting the year off right surrounded by family. So, in order to keep that feeling of love and support, my cousin Lauren and I have decided to have a scheduled family brunch the first Sunday of every month. A great excuse to try out new brunch spots in the city, and check in with one another even as our lives become more complex and busy.

As always, I hope that your January was a successful one and that you are still trying to keep to your new year’s resolutions, themes, or goals as we begin the short month that is February. Keep to your dreams and find inspiration in the world around you.

Ciao 🙂