2015: The Year in Dance





Greetings all!!!

Yes, I am alive. Yes, I have been busy. Yes, the year is basically done. While it has been almost a month since my last entry on New York Dreaming, the blog has not been very far from my mind. In fact, if any of my friends or family members are reading this, you have heard me say on numerous occasions “I haven’t blogged in WEEKS!”

Well, such is life.

I could go into the details of the long filming days for Shampagne, the readings I was able to participate in, That Bachelorette Show fun, my Shakespeare students’ final workshop presentation, et al, but I won’t.

Instead, I have made a compilation of all the dance videos I have created this year! At last count there were 12, one for each month of the year, but more importantly, each video represents a theater or film project I had the opportunity to “open” over the course of this year!



I hope that you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you nothing but the best, in the New Year. For 2016, there will be fewer posts and a new design, but the dreams continue to build and evolve, so I’m not going anywhere!!!


Ciao 🙂

#AboutLastNight (Holiday Edition)


This is one of two #AboutLastNight (Holiday Edition) posts I’ll be making this week. This first one will cover my Christmas holiday in New York City, and the second post that will go up on Friday for #flashbackfriday will cover my New Year’s Eve celebrations. Enjoy this blast from the (relative) past as we head back to the office, and our confetti-free daily lives.

Ciao 🙂

Happy Friday


For today’s “Flashback Friday” I’m taking a look back at April-June. There was a whole lot of traveling in this little chunk of 2014: Philly, Richmond, Washington DC, San Diego, plus I did a show (Messiah Complex), saw a show (Bullets on Broadway) and started rehearsals for another show (A Midsummer Night’s Dream). I celebrated my Aunt Cynthia’s new position as Deputy Attorney General of Virginia, went to a sonogram appointment with Jassmine, supported my friend Jenna on her new web series, treated my cousin to brunch to toast her first PR job in the city, had an amazing reunion with Mississippi folks in town, went to the opera, enjoyed the sun and sand of San Diego, had a Mother/Daughter weekend in DC, and spent quality time with my friends as I rang in my 25th birthday. Enjoy the pictures below, some are old and some have never been published, and of course you can click the month’s in the menu on the left and relive these moments with me!

Ciao 🙂

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Tuesday Thoughts



This week is definitely going to be filled with flurries of activity! But even with all of the hustle and bustle in my present, the quickly looming new year has been in the forefront of my thinking, and because of that this week’s “Tuesday Thoughts” veer strongly towards the quotes I’ve found over the past year that I want to help guide and push me forward in 2015. Hopefully they’ll stir up something in you too! Have a great day everybody!

Ciao 🙂

Throwback Thursday


Today’s holiday themed “Throwback Thursday” features pictures from Christmas/Holiday parties over the past 5 years, on and off. From a New Year’s Eve party at my home in Jackson, to the annual Christmas parties I’ve jointly thrown with roommates over the past 3 years, I love opening my home to my friends, cracking open a few bottles and letting the music and conversation flow.

Tuesday Thoughts


it comes and goes

in and out

the loud thunder, the sweet thrill of the waves

bashing the shore with its cold and gritty hands

it knows not what it does

but instead keeps to its steady rhythm,

the dance it has done for thousands of years.

leaving and returning

churning the granules of sand, shells, and rock to our feet.

the gifts from a world completely separate from our own

a dark, cold place populated with its own citizens

conversing in the languages originated from the pulls of the moon

a third world

so distant, yet so overreaching

if the waves were able to reach to the sky what new and different things would it say?

would it be easier to understand

or would even more questions flutter to the surface, revealing new mysteries for us to solve?

on and on and on

attacking and retreating

the sands of the world.

Holiday Mode


So I am currently in “Holiday Mode” and since I have a blog I thought I would intro a new post for this month! As I go about decorating the apartment, baking, cooking and being plain ole Merry! I will put up songs, videos, quotes, pics, etc that epitomize where my Holiday Cheer is for the day! Today features a Stevie Wonder classic, “Someday at Christmas” and a great photo I came across on Instagram today that really expresses where my mind is in relation to the social stirrings of the week as well as my Christmas spirit. If you get it, feel free to share or just listen to the lyrics 🙂

Countdown to Christmas: 20 days!