this is a relatively late post, but hey, better late than never! This weekend was a whirlwind of performances, travel, family time, productivity and friend demanded recovery time. From a fabulous performance at That Bachelorette Show to taking a 6am bus to DC to spend a quick day with my brother and his family to finally nailing down the first weekend of “principal photography” for Shampagne, it was a grand ole time.

Sunday afternoon I was #pooped! But I have recovered for the most part and have a few photos to share

Ciao 😊

Weekend Adventures-Philly Edition


This weekend was a lot of fun for me! I got to watch my roommate Alicia, do her dancer thang in a run through of “Ain’t Misbehavin'” going up at Bucks County Playhouse this month, spending time with her and Erin shopping around Manhattan, and watching some of my Adler Outreach students and peers perform original work in a workshop presentation.

But THE highlight was surprising Jassmine at her baby shower in Philadelphia on Saturday!!! Nia, Bloo, and I got on a Bolt Bus Saturday afternoon and were accosted by screams and hugs by the mom-to-be when we walked through the door. It has been so long since the four of us were able to meet up and be together (we even have a running joke going that Nia and Jass are, in fact, the same person). I took so many photos throughout the day and of course they are included below.

Ciao 🙂