May Change Be With You?


I hate change! The cat is out of the bag. The only problem is that life cant really move forward without it. Sigh. I suppose the theme for the month of May is simply embracing the change that is about to come. Whether I like it or not. In the next two months, my New York family will experience tremendous loss. This may seem a little over the top and dramatic but hey I’m an actress so accept it and just read on! (Hahaha).

My rocks, Cynthia and Morgan, are about to embark on the next phase in their life’s story. Both I have lived with: in college (Morgan) and after (Cynthia) . Each are huge pieces in my own story, the memories we’ve shared, the conversations we’ve had, and the support we have offered to one another over the past seven years. Earlier this week, I found myself on NYU’s main campus and the question I couldn’t shake hit me: “Has it really been three years since Tisch Salute and Commencement at Yankee Stadium? Three years since my classmates and I no longer depended on the regimented schedules of class, studio time and essay deadlines to dictate how we should manage our time to make the exorbitant fees of NYU worth it?”
For many reading this post, I sense, you may feel the same. For others, it may cause you to think back to the time you stood in my shoes, perhaps with a small grin on your face thankful those days are past. Either way, with Morgan and Cynthia’s departures an era is coming to an end. While the friendships, I hope, will continue to grow and adapt to these new changes I must also change with it. Embracing the unknown to come with wonder and excitement not fear and trepidation for what lies on the path to come.
After all spring signals change, renewal, birth and beginnings. With that to consider,  I once again  find myself exactly where I am meant to be.  🙂




Flashback Friday – Friends Edition


So, I apologize to my friends in advance for this post. I decided that, just for today, I would use the popular Instagram hashtag #flashbackfriday. The true motive for this theme is because over the past week I have either seen, interacted or talked to a lot of my friends that I haven’t spoken to in awhile. So because of this, I give you Flashback Friday. (I tried to pick the most flattering and, as of yet, unused photos, for this post). Enjoy! 🙂

033  IMG_3004  IMG_4884108  IMG_3710  037  IMG_4822035  IMG_4882115  IMG_4262035  IMG_39152059  IMG_4982

[Friends featured: Morgan, Kyla, Myles, Farah, Kathleen, Meghan, Cynthia, and Jason. The photos range from 2007-the present]

I guess we ARE turning into adults huh?




Happy Birthday Sheila!!!!!


One of my best friends’ birthdays is this Saturday.

It’s a BIG one, 25!

The final right of passage for your twenties, when you hit the mid-20s and can finally rent a car without the extra insurance charges. hahaha

So, in honor of her special day here’s a gallery of our friendship and note of love to follow on the actual day. Happy 25th birthday, Sheila! If only I were there to celebrate it with you.

IMG_3490 IMG_3493 20131013-213533.jpg

From top: Sheila’s Debutante 2005, Spring Break- Senior Year 2007, Game Day-Senior Year 2006, New Year’s Eve Party into 2008, College Move-In Day at JSU 2007, Top of the Rock- NYC 2013 (her first trip to NYC), Senior Prom 2007 (with Annie), Photo from APAC, and after “Our Town” 2013.