Jumpin’ July



We have hit the seventh month of the year everyone! Number 7! I don’t know about you but the first half of 2016 went by like a bullet train. I know the saying goes that the older you get the quicker time seems to rush by, but I’m not that old! LOL

May and June were a whirlwind of activity, dormancy and change.

  • The season finale of Shampagne was released.
  • I produced my first critically acclaimed off-off-off  broadway play (Thanks NY Times)
  • I directed my first full length production (#teachingartist)
  • I did a few readings and an awesome show at ANT Fest
  • Celebrated my grandmother’s 90th
  • Went to the Jersey shore for the first time

Those are the highlights, couple of lowlights too, but no one’s life is all ups all the time, right?


July 🙂

New month needs a theme, motivation, quotes and all that jazz. More than that, I realized that by not blogging, I actually wasn’t tracking my feelings either. This space is where I actually get to take a minute, breathe, and tune in to what I want for myself. A place to be honest and right now? I need that.

Cool. July! Here’s to you! May you be hot, steamy, challenging and fun 🙂



One Year Old Today!



Hard to believe that I’ve actually been pretty diligent about blogging for the past year! Not too shabby, I think. Being able to renew my love for photography, writing new poetry and even some short fiction, reconnecting with old friends, and taking more adventures, “New York Dreaming” has definitely accomplished it’s main objective: getting me out of the apartment to explore my surroundings. To all of the 106 followers I have gained, and the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter drop-ins: Thank you. Thank you for taking a few moments out of your day to see what I’ve been up to. The next year is gonna be a great one filled with more adventures, excitement, and good times. Hats off to you, and here’s to the next 365 days 🙂


New Month, More Motivation



Well, the flurry of January is now behind me, and while I am very thankful for all the beginning of the year has afforded me, I’m not ashamed to admit I welcome the calm of my regular schedule. As the snow drifts outside my window, I am able to reflect on all of the things I wish to get accomplished during the shortest month of the year. The key word that I can think of is “Maintenance.” It’s time for an overhaul as far as mind, body, spirit, and career are concerned. I’m looking forward to the numerous doctors’ appointments I have scheduled for the month, as well as, getting back into the swing of auditioning and submissions full time. Even while it is February, as an actor I must always be looking ahead to the next season and what jobs I can book for the future.

So while I HATE them, it’s time to get ready for early alarms, cold mornings and long lines at the Equity Center and midtown studios. It must be done in order to move forward, and therefore I will do it. Now that I have my days back to myself, I can start looking at classes and workshops to increase my network and gain new skills under my belt. February will fly by, if I am able to stick to my goals!

Cheers to February and may it snow a little less, haha.