Wordy Wednesday


Seasonal Questions

To be “In Like” or

“In Lust?”

To dream?

Or bask in the moment which just was “is?”

How do you keep the doors open

yet keep that small wall of protection around you?

Build the wall?


Ban the doubt?

Leaves pop through frozen snow

Proclaiming the arrival of birth and new beginnings

Do I wish to be left behind in the polar vortex of my past?


break free with effervescence and joy to the coming spring?



What does it mean to be truly present today?

Turning your phone off, deactivating Facebook, saying Sayonara to technology and just sitting in a room talking? Presence is definitely something I have been thinking about this week whether in my personal life, professional ambitions, or just in general. How are we able to truly cultivate our relationships with one another if there is an ever-“present” other in the room with us? I mean just thinking about it, it was impossible for me to watch the Grammys with just the people in my living room, I felt the need to log on to my Twitter and see what everybody else was thinking and saying instead.

Yea, I get it, technology is a necessary evil ( I wouldn’t be blogging if that weren’t the case) but it also keeps us from truly connecting to each other, making ourselves vulnerable to each others actions and reactions. Why have we become conditioned to look like idiots in public taking selfless for Snapchat and Instagram, but still be too timid to tell a person how we really feel about them or how we treated them without the illuminated phone screen in our hands as a barrier?

Has technology become a crutch? Or is it easier to call it a safety blanket for adults, protecting us all from the unknowns of our lives, the moments that cause us anxiety, unrest, sadness and vulnerability? Am I off the mark? Or is this one of those philosophical questions that will continue to appear as long as people inhabit the earth and continue to make technological advancements?

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Shake Ups


Life can really bring some unexpected twists and turns, but even when you have to pick up the pieces and figure out what to do next there are always signs telling you that this is happening for a reason. For instance, I was let go at my temp job assignment, suddenly and basically without any sound reasoning as to why. After talking with my mom, friends and kind of venting to the wall in my room, I forgot that I had a package from home sitting on my bed waiting to be opened. When I opened it up I was immediately enveloped in love and home as my mom sent me a box of “happies” as she likes to call them, filled with random finds at a Marshalls sale, a belated birthday gift, and souvenirs from her and my dad’s recent travels. 

Reading the letter that accompanied the goodies warmed my heart and made me smile from ear to ear. After looking at the series of events from my day, leaving early to get to the post office to get the package, almost being late for work, taking tons of calls, running errands on lunch, and being relieved to come home to a quiet apartment for a few hours, i was dumbfounded by the idea that once again, Everything happens for a reason and you’re always where you’re supposed to be. 

Opening the box after all that happened was just what I needed to do at that moment. Getting words of encouragement from home, and receiving a few Guatemalan Worry Dolls my mother picked up in Albuquerque were just what i needed to keep me from lingering on the confusion I felt on my termination. 

Shake ups come and go, but love from family and friends are constant, in my life anyway. 

Till the next post! Ciao