2015: The Year in Dance





Greetings all!!!

Yes, I am alive. Yes, I have been busy. Yes, the year is basically done. While it has been almost a month since my last entry on New York Dreaming, the blog has not been very far from my mind. In fact, if any of my friends or family members are reading this, you have heard me say on numerous occasions “I haven’t blogged in WEEKS!”

Well, such is life.

I could go into the details of the long filming days for Shampagne, the readings I was able to participate in, That Bachelorette Show fun, my Shakespeare students’ final workshop presentation, et al, but I won’t.

Instead, I have made a compilation of all the dance videos I have created this year! At last count there were 12, one for each month of the year, but more importantly, each video represents a theater or film project I had the opportunity to “open” over the course of this year!



I hope that you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you nothing but the best, in the New Year. For 2016, there will be fewer posts and a new design, but the dreams continue to build and evolve, so I’m not going anywhere!!!


Ciao 🙂

Disappearance of Melissa????


Bonjour one and all!

I am alive! I have just been extremely busy/uninspired/overwhelmed/creatively empowered this month. So much has been happening in April that I haven’t been able to focus on a theme for the month, much less take a deep breath!  Between rehearsals, performances, a quick trip home, to dog sitting, living in Queens for a week, taking tons of behind the scenes photos, to seeing amazing shows, supporting friends, planning brunch reunions, teaching in jail, and catching up on sleep, I have not been able to put all of my adventures down in the blogosphere!

So, since the month is almost up, don’t expect too many posts in the near future. I have to double down and figure out my time management skills more efficiently to bring you awesome content.

Don’t fret the New York Dreamer is still dreaming and is, in fact, involved in tons of amazing adventures. Recaps, catchups, photo galleries, dance videos and more will come, just not now!

Thanks for hanging in and check out my older posts and Instagram page to keep up with me until then.

Ciao 🙂


#About Last Week


The first week of September brimmed full with countless friendship dates and celebrations. As the transition begins, from summer to fall, many of my friends were either about to say “see you later” or “just dropping in!” So for today’s post, check out this recap, in words and photos, of my pretty full social calendar last week!

Monday September 1st:

Happy Hour Drinks with Kyla (finally back in the city after a summer of work and travel away) and Kathleen (who has been super busy with her new post-grad job and travel, as well). So great to see the gals on the first of the month to catch up, be dumbfounded by the idea that we had basically met 7 years ago this month, and chatted about what to do for Kyla’s birthday on Friday.

Tuesday September 2nd:

Attended a “see ya later” party for my friend Krystina at The Corner Social. I met Krystina during The Messiah Complex I did this past spring and am sad to see her go, to LA, of all places (grrr California keeps taking my friends) to get her acting into full gear. It was great to meet other close friends of hers sorry to see her leave, but definitely supportive of the move and all the great things headed her way.

Wednesday September 3rd:

My calendar listed Wednesday as, “Chloe Day!” in all caps because Chloe was in the city on a quick trip from LA (grrr). I haven’t seen the gal in almost a year and to top it off not only did I get to see her, but Greg and Aidan joined in on the fun. Considering I haven’t seen Greg in almost two years and we both live in the city is outrageous! and Aidan had just come back into town after a summer of theatre in Maine. So good to see them all and we even ended up at Adler for words of wisdom and reflection from Jimmy Tripp, our master Shakespeare professor before parting ways. All in all, a good hump day.

That evening, another “see you later” took place at The Corner Social (it’s a favorite neighborhood spot) with Jason and Chris. Jason is off to do “To Kill A Mockingbird” in Virginia and wanted to have a drink and chat before heading off. So good to see him (why I didn’t take a photo of him I’m not sure) and know he will knock the audience’s socks off, per usual.


Chris and I, at Jason’s see you later.

Friday September 5th:

Kyla’s Birthday was Friday and with it came another opportunity to hang with college friends and have a good time! I got to see Aidan and Kathleen again, finally saw Myles after what seemed like an eternity, Nolan, Trevor and Julia. Good drinks, Trivial Pursuit, Connect Four, walking down NYU memory lane, and making a dance floor in the bar made it a great night! Love them all and so glad I got to see them.

Sunday September 7th:

And last but certainly not least, hung out with AJ out in Brooklyn for a little Sunday football fun. My Saints didn’t get a win this week, but the overstimulation of EVERY game playing in the bar was pretty sweet. Don’t think I could make it an every week kind of practice, but being able to watch all of my fantasy team players live was great all the same.



Maybe I should have titled September, Social September? But all in all, it was great jumpstart to the month before work (yes) takes over my schedule once again.

Have a great Monday!

Ciao 🙂

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!



Greetings all!

July is here! And for once, the weather in New York has been fabulous! Sure it’s been hot, but I haven’t put in my window A/C yet and that is definitely a good thing! This month is going to be another whirlwind experience for me, what with fundraising for the film short I’m involved with, rehearsals and performances for Midsummer in the middle of the month, planning for my family’s beach vacation in August, and getting back in the swing of things with auditions and submissions. (yay!)

June was filled with goodbyes, my birthday, San Diego adventures, and fun times in the city, which I have been slow to share with my small blog’s audience. But never fear! I shall be playing major catch up over the next few days. So here’s what you have to look forward too: new Wandering Wednesday posts, my San Diego trip retrospective (including pictures, naturally), a new poem or three?, behind-the-scenes post during tech and dress rehearsal in the outdoor space where I’ll be performing Midsummer, and hopefully a few other posts of events and exciting news I’m not even aware of yet 🙂

Words to keep in mind:

“Forget all you know and learn something every day.”  Charles James



Monday Musings


Morning All!!

I believe it’s safe to say that I am back in the New York swing of things full-force. Let me tell you that since my last post I have: walked all over downtown Manhattan, had my first read through with the great cast I get to work with this month on “Night of Power,” experienced harsh, cold winds, giant flakes of snow, misty rain and almost 60-degree weather over the course of six days (woof).

So, to put it more bluntly: I’M BACK!!!! and I, honestly, couldn’t be any happier.

While listing the extremes of the week I forgot to mention how I ran into good friends (Christina, here’s to you), had another audition with a very reputable theatre company in Connecticut, really hit the ground running with my “urban beauty” pics of the city on my month-long messenger route, and have started the harrowing task of trying to build some sort of website for my acting by the end of the month. Plus! My cousin Lauren and her boyfriend Hope came over on Saturday night as a needed balm after the New Orleans Saints loss (Who Dat! forever).

I guess what I’m trying to get at is the idea that no matter how long your vacation may be away from the city, as soon as your plane touches down you immediately get back into the swing of the things! 🙂

More to come as the week pushes on,