Knocking on November’s Door


Well, with Daylight Savings Time and Election Tuesday behind us and Thanksgiving Thursday and Black Friday coming up fast I definitely feel safely ensconced in November. The weather is still being a tad wishy-washy, not sure if it wants to remain crisp and cool or warm and humid, but fall is here to stay! It’s always a sharp slap in the face when the sun has vacated the sky after 5pm, especially considering that’s when I happen to go to work, but there really is nothing like this downhill journey to the end of the year.

I’m writing this month’s theme on very little sleep. I admit the time change always sends me through a loop, and my body is never really sure what it wants to do with itself, yet as I laid in bed ticking off the minutes my brain was rapid firing a to-do list for the upcoming weeks.

My poor Fall Firsts page, I have not forgotten you I promise. I’ve just been consumed with my various day jobs and a couple of one-off performances in between, to really focus on my fall bucket list. Lucky for me, I have until the winter solstice to check off as many of the items as I can.

Remember that exciting project I hinted at last month? Well, after finishing step one, and taking a prolonged, procrastination-riddled pause, I started back up last night and hope to finish the developmental stages of this by the end of the month. (Still keeping this under wraps until I’m further along).

Finally, the acting thing. The main reason why I decided to stay in New York City is to really find my footing in the performance world, whether that be on stage (my true love) or screen (a new friend). I have the tendency to approach my career in waves, completely focused for long spurts and then taking a nice “sabbatical” from the scene until ready to venture out again. While the last two projects I was involved with were wonderful experiences, I now yearn for more meaty and substantial projects. Hopefully, a new connection I’ve started to foster can grow into a meaningful relationship, helping me branch out and meet new people from all sectors of the theatre world, but performance is my true love, and it is time for me to give it the attention it deserves.

I am a-knock, knock, knock-in on November’s door and when December hits I will be prepared for 2015 a whole month early 🙂


Say YES! October


Man oh man, am I happy I waited an extra day before writing my monthly theme post for October. In the past 48 hours, my brain has been humming with so many creative ideas that I have FINALLY started to put them down on paper. (This is truly a big deal, let me tell you.)

I was on the subway this morning, furiously writing when a thought struck me: The last time I was this excited, scared, and thrilled was when I decided to publish my first blog post. And lo and behold, eighteen months later, I am now writing, on said blog, about my next creative foray.

I honestly don’t want to give too many details at the moment, because everything is still incubating in my mind. It really makes sense that the week New York is finally embracing autumn the next chapter in my career’s journey begins.

So with that vague set-up in mind my monthly goals are to say “YES!” A resounding yes, to all of the opportunities that are coming my way, that I’m not even aware of. William Shatner said it best:

“Why say “yes”? “Yes” means opportunity. “Yes” makes the dots in your life appear. And if you’re willing and open, you can connect these dots. You don’t know where these dots are going to lead, and if you don’t invest yourself fully, the dots won’t connect. The lives you make with those dots always lead to interesting places. “No” closes doors. “Yes” kicks them wide open…..As long as you’re able to say “yes”, the opportunities keep coming, and with them, the adventures. Say “no” to fear and complacency. Keep saying “yes” and the journey will continue.”
William Shatner, Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large

Second, I want to fully embrace all that the season has to offer. With my Fall Firsts bucket list, I’ll be able to explore the city in a new way, finding new favorite places, getting to know some of the other boroughs a little bit better, and becoming more comfortable with enjoying my own company. One of the things I love most about living in this city is that there is always something new to discover, even if it has technically been here the whole time. Discovery is a great thing, and I really want to dive in head first!

Super duper ecstatic about this month and can’t wait to look back on it in November with a humongous smile on my face!

Ciao 🙂


Fall Firsts: DUMBO Art Festival


This weekend, I got to cross off item number 3 on my bucket list by attending the Dumbo Art Festival in Brooklyn! Since I waited until Sunday to attend, which was the last day, I decided to make a day of it. As I was getting ready I headed over to Saskia’s website to see if she would be selling jewelry in the area, and to my delight not only did she have a booth at Atlantic Antic, but she herself was selling at that location! So Sunday turned into Brooklyn Day!!

I wandered with thousands of other New Yorkers up and down Atlantic Avenue, on a very warm September afternoon listening to live music, checking out the vendors’ various wares and food options. There were a lot of people (strollers, bikes, and pups, Oh My) but I had a great conversation with Saskia at her booth and even made a connection with a vendor working for a young handbag designer based in Brooklyn.

After getting my fill of that excitement, I traipsed to the river for the Art Fest, picking up my friend AJ along the way. This bucket list item included a lot of firsts for me: I’d never been to Dumbo or Brooklyn Bridge Park, so in between the art and location it turned into a stupendous day. AJ and I headed to Shake Shack for vittles, A/C, and football chatting about upcoming plans and an acting project I’m thinking of producing. (ooooo, mystery) I was incredibly tempted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan, but with a full tummy and tired feet, I’ve decided to postpone that item. As I know you’ve come to expect I took some great photos along the way and have included them below!

Fall has begun and I already have one item checked off! Can’t wait to see what I knock out this week.

Fall Firsts!


If you look to your left, you’ll see there’s a new page in the menu bar: Fall Firsts. As I mentioned in my monthly theme post at the beginning of the month, I want to try and get the most out of my favorite season in New York before the snow and blistering, cold wind take up residence. This weekend is going to be a great one because I’ll be able to cross one of the items off of my list: the Dumbo Arts Festival!

The cherry on top of the weekend ahead is that it will be filled with amazing people! Not only is Cynthia in town (visiting from St. Thomas), but I’ll be celebrating my cousin Lauren’s 25th birthday in style AND, wait for it, spending time with Melissa and Ammon (for the first time all together in, I think, 8 years) here in New York. With these social appointments tacked on to rehearsals and a film short shoot, and my first two Shakespeare classes at Adler, this week is going to end on a very high note! Be sure to check the Fall Firsts page to see how I’m doing, but as I’m sure you know check the home page because posts will be a-coming.

Ciao 🙂