Frugal and Fierce February


February has definitely arrived in the Big Apple people! It’s a winter, slushy, snowy wonderland up here. Even while the puddles of doom loom on every street corner and it is a herculean fete to climb the snow-plowed mountains between yourself and the bus, the winter white reminds us all  me that it’s always best to slow down and enjoy the peace and stillness that this season brings.

As far as monthly motivations go, I think the post title is pretty self-explanatory. Frugal and fierce. I love alliteration obviously, but these characteristics fit seamlessly into my new year’s resolution of consistence and persistence. Things are still moving at a pretty fast clip in terms of my career, I will be in rehearsal for two shows starting this weekend, still exercising my teaching muscle over at Stella Adler, and getting the hang of this “writing thing” while developing a new web series. January was filled with nothing but ups for me, and a lot of that I credit to starting the year off right surrounded by family. So, in order to keep that feeling of love and support, my cousin Lauren and I have decided to have a scheduled family brunch the first Sunday of every month. A great excuse to try out new brunch spots in the city, and check in with one another even as our lives become more complex and busy.

As always, I hope that your January was a successful one and that you are still trying to keep to your new year’s resolutions, themes, or goals as we begin the short month that is February. Keep to your dreams and find inspiration in the world around you.

Ciao 🙂

Two Peas in a Pod


A major reason why I was MIA last month, is because my Dad was in town! We got to spend a long weekend together, visiting museums, eating amazing food, watching great theatre, and having a large slice of home at Stella Adler when my first class of acting students took the stage. I don’t want to gush about how great the visit was, how I had not seen Dad since February, yada yada yada. Instead, I’ll do what I do best, show you in pictures!!!

‘Bama, Brunch, Brooklyn and Begonias


I suppose I should begin by explaining why I haven’t written a full post in a while. For the past few days, I have been going back and forth trying to decide what the next steps in my life are going to be (heavy I know) and figuring out how to say those goals out loud, putting a name to the dreams I want so badly to achieve. While I must admit that I haven’t gotten very far in this process, but the events that occurred this weekend allowed me to see that right now I don’t really need to have all of the answers right now. I have a great support system, friends who are willing to have this conversation with me, and a yearning for insular peace that will take me far. So with that being said on to the weekend!!!

This was an intense weekend for me filled with performing, hanging out with old and new friends alike , and going on a spontaneous trip to Brooklyn which was great for the soul 🙂

For the past few months, I have been in rehearsals for this a cappella piece entitled “Obama at the Table: An Obamaopera.” Well it was our opening weekend and after getting through our “invited dress” as we called it on Friday, the Saturday performance had a packed house who were incredibly engaged and gave the cast a great energy as we sang and danced our way through the show. There is something about this show that speaks to the numerous dialogues we, as a nation, are having about the current administration and the myriad of cultural and societal changes are occurring parallel to it. The songs, written by the warm hearted and talented Mindy Levokove, cover a variety of styles which help to invoke the opinions the country is outwardly and inwardly expressing with each other. We have one more weekend at WOW Cafe on East 4th for anybody interested, followed by a reprise the last Saturday of April at the Firehouse in Brooklyn. Picture_11.203a360

Being able to act in a piece I have been with from the beginning allowed the me the chance to truly enjoy its success with fellow cast members and friends this weekend. Jassmine, Bloo, Nia (a former cast member), Cynthia (one of my best friends) and I  decided to celebrate, over drinks we laughed about the rehearsal process, how far the show had come, and how happy we were that we’d all decided to join the show for this remounting. The best thing about acting is that I get to form these great relationships with people that end up standing the test of time because not I only am I allowed to work opposite them onstage, but I’m able to learn more about how others see the world and how I see myself. I think that’s why so many people are hooked on doing live theatre: the relationships!



Finally to cap off the weekend I got brunch with Kyla in Astoria on Sunday. Kyla and I lived together for two years (in college and post grad) and I have to say I loved living with her and how our friendship has gotten stronger even while our initial glue (our friend Meghan) moved cross country. All that being said we went to this great little restaurant called Sanfords and brunched and chatted for hours, catching up and discussing what moves we were planning to make, when Kyla said “Ya know, now that I have all this time I want to start doing all of the New York things I was so excited about when we started school.” I agreed, saying that thanks to my blog it was the catalyst I needed to be more of an explorer and get out. “In fact,” I said, “I was thinking of maybe going to the Botanical Garden…wanna go today?” And that is exactly what we did, and what an idea it was. Sure, the cherry trees weren’t in bloom yet, but the architectural landscaping the flowers and trees that were in bloom, and the people who were also there enjoying a cool spring day made up for it. Getting the chance to wake up the senses that laid dormant in the winter was refreshing and was just what the doctor ordered. Both of us walked away feeling reinvigorated and planning ideas of what to do next! IMG_1460


Well that was my weekend! Can’t wait to see what this week has in store for me