#AboutLastNight (Thanksgiving Edition)


I love the holidays because it allows you the chance to recognize your blessings. The time to reflect on all that has happened over the last year, and who was with you, to hold your hand, cheer you on, and make you laugh along the way. I was not able to spend Thanksgiving with my blood relatives this year, but spending it with my New York “framily” was just as sweet. Thankful to have friends who gladly opened their door to guests this year. The food was AH-mazing, but the fellowship with old and new friends alike was great! Thanksgiving, once again, opened my eyes to all that has shaped me this year, and it has not been too shabby.

Ciao 🙂

Tuesday Thoughts


Have you ever had a weekend that turned out to be your “Wake Up Call?” Well, while I wasn’t really expecting it, that’s what this past one was for me. For the past few weeks, I have been using a lot of excuses to explain some of my recent behavior: relationship problems, the weather, illness, the weather, a somewhat busy schedule and, you guessed it, the weather (winter has been hellacious this year). Now looking at this list you could admit that they could be legit reasons for my laziness, lack of motivation, focus and drive, but as with all excuses, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty that’s all they are, excuses. But let me tell you, looking back on the past few days my eyes have been opened to renewed possibilities and I was able to recognize a few things that, if this spell comes around again, I can take comfort in and move on.

1. I am surrounded by family and friends who love me. Love may mean different things to different people, but my core group of supporters and loved ones, help me be the best me I can be, especially during the rough patches. (hugs, air hugs, and text hugs need apply)

2. That while it may seem choppy at times, I realized that each time this year,  when someone has asked what’s going on with me, I have been able to say I am either in rehearsal or flexing my artistic muscle as a teaching artist with Stella Adler. (win!)

So as I aired out my room on a sunny Saturday afternoon, jamming to Journey, Fleetwood Mac and Earth, Wind and Fire, I took note of all the good in my life and that I can only go up from here!






So, last week definitely felt like I was in a Lifetime movie. There were mysterious, late-night phone calls, nerve wracking conversations with parental figures, an underlying feeling of anxiety and an abrupt ending to my current status quo. All in all, while I can’t go into specifics, I will say that this experience opened my eyes anew to the blessings I have been given my entire life. Talk about thankful for the family I have and the friends that still have a place in my heart! While I don’t wish the situation I went through on anyone, I do hope that there are times in the month, week, or day where you are able to take stock of all the good you have in your life and have an inward calm about it!

In other news….

Stepping away from that ordeal (dramatic? maybe, but not by much) I went into the flurry of tech weekend, for my next show, OBAMA: AT THE TABLE, AN OBAMAOPERA, which could have been a real drag if my friend Jassmine and Bloo were not a part of the production. While I can’t say that the weekend was smooth sailing, I did end up heading to central Harlem Friday night for some Double Chocolate Cake at Make My Cake, and Amy Ruth’s for The Barack Obama (a fried chicken dinner with collards and fried okra) complete with diabetic coma-inducing sweet tea.



But I think one of the best things about this weekend, is that nature really was beginning to shed its winter coat and bring on the sunshine!!!! Even when you haven’t been outside yet, the entire city starts telling you that the cold days are almost over: there are more people on the sidewalks, the first street fair (I’ve seen anyway) is camped out on 6th avenue between 24th and 27th street, the NY Parks crew is prepping Bryant park with fresh mulch and a mowing, and everybody’s shoulders seem to carry a little less tension. 😉