Ballet, Brunch and Bracelets



Hey everybody! Happy Friday!

This has been a great week for me here in NYC, filled with numerous auditions (where I kicked butt in the room), an unplanned trip to Lincoln Center (to watch ABT’s performance of “La Bayadere” in the Grand Tier), building up my actor karma selling SdV Designs in Park Slope and Washington Square over the Memorial Day weekend, and celebrating Lauren’s new job at BLVD Bistro in Harlem!

As another month ends, and my 25th birthday approaches this week has definitely been a great “swan song” for 24! Auditioning for theatre companies and short films, rehearsing one of Shakespeare’s best while building camaraderie with my cast members, reconnecting with Saskia and Scott helping them with their business in any way I am able, and finally coming full circle with the opportunity to perform at Stella by Starlight, my acting studio’s annual fundraising gala where they will be honoring Rosie Perez, among others. Hope I don’t get too star struck. 😉

This weekend will be filled with hellos and goodbyes. As I get a chance to hang with Jassmine and Derrick (from Philly) who are in the city Saturday, and saying goodbye to Cynthia as she prepares to “Flee the City” for her year abroad. Also a new roommate has moved in over here at the apartment and can’t wait to get to know her as the months progress.

Have a great weekend all! And happy greetings to the month of JUNE!!!

Standing on my astrological sign at the Library of Congress.

Standing on my astrological sign at the Library of Congress.


Monday Musings


Morning All!!

I believe it’s safe to say that I am back in the New York swing of things full-force. Let me tell you that since my last post I have: walked all over downtown Manhattan, had my first read through with the great cast I get to work with this month on “Night of Power,” experienced harsh, cold winds, giant flakes of snow, misty rain and almost 60-degree weather over the course of six days (woof).

So, to put it more bluntly: I’M BACK!!!! and I, honestly, couldn’t be any happier.

While listing the extremes of the week I forgot to mention how I ran into good friends (Christina, here’s to you), had another audition with a very reputable theatre company in Connecticut, really hit the ground running with my “urban beauty” pics of the city on my month-long messenger route, and have started the harrowing task of trying to build some sort of website for my acting by the end of the month. Plus! My cousin Lauren and her boyfriend Hope came over on Saturday night as a needed balm after the New Orleans Saints loss (Who Dat! forever).

I guess what I’m trying to get at is the idea that no matter how long your vacation may be away from the city, as soon as your plane touches down you immediately get back into the swing of the things! 🙂

More to come as the week pushes on,