St. Thomas Of Course (Part 2)


Here it is guys! The final post from my St. Thomas extravaganza!  Not gonna lie, flipping through these photos again, brought the memories right back, as I sit in my hot apartment here in Harlem. I can never fully explain how much fun I had in the Virgin Islands, but being able to celebrate my birthday with my closest friend, was the sweetest thing in the world. Hope you enjoy the pics from the Wing Festival, my birthday in St. John, ferry ride pics and a few more beach pics!

Ciao 🙂

St. Thomas, Need I Say More?


Well, I’ve finally managed to clear some room from my media library to bring you part one of my St. Thomas vacation recap. I have decided to really come through the hundreds of pictures I took while away and present an edited photo collage of my adventures.

While it has been a month since my trip, I can still smell the water, hear the birds, and feel the salty ocean water on my skin. The only thing I miss more than the breathtaking views and the overwhelming aura of peace and relaxation is Cynthia.

I have to admit it’s pretty awesome to have a friend in this corner of the world. Yes, of course, I miss her, but getting to see her in her new home: thriving, happy, effervescent and carefree, was wonderful to see. My wanderlust has definitely been piqued and I am now thinking ahead to my next great adventure for 2016. I’m thinking Italy! But until then, here are photos from the first three days of my trip on St. Thomas proper. Enjoy 🙂

Wandering Wednesday


Well, I’m back in the city that never sleeps, in desperate need of sleep.

Vacation is officially over, and as I sluggishly finish out my shift and prepare for a writer’s meeting, I wanted to thank any and all friends and followers for their birthday wishes. Spending the day in St. John and returning to a flood of texts, videos and posts was icing on the cake. Once the fog has lifted, expect to see even more picturesque scenes from my trip. Thanks for being a fantastic host Cynthia! Love you!

Ciao 🙂

Messenger Mickens: A Photo Diary


A while ago, I completed my NYU messenger run, and what a gorgeous week it turned out to be. Sure there were some overcast days, but the days were warm (it’s all relative) and the sun made an appearance ever so often. I decided to do a “Day In the Life Of…” photo diary while on the job (shhh) so you could get a sense of what I experienced each day 🙂

Ciao 🙂

It’s a Family Affair


Hard to believe that it was only two weeks ago when I found myself in Paradise! The Eppes Family Vacation happens every two years on the coast of North Carolina in an area called the Outer Banks (OBX). If you happened to stop by on my week away, you noticed my Instagram feed was filled with sunrises, beach photos, and the like, but not too much of any one thing. That’s because I saved the bulk of my photos for you, my readers!

This first post will feature all of the pictures I managed to take of and with family while away. I hope you enjoy this photo collage, as much as I have enjoyed selecting the photos to post.

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday everybody!

Can’t believe the weekend is finally here, because that means I am North Carolina bound, by way of Washington DC. Super excited to see all of my family in Duck, NC for the next eight days, where we will get to spend quality time together laughing, reconnecting and forging new memories. I’m really looking forward to talking with my grandmother (my only living grandparent) about the family tree and stories from Crewe about my mom and her brothers and sisters. I began this project last Thanksgiving and want to continue, working with my mother, and hopefully constructing a physical family tree to begin our family ancestry archive.

I will post a Wandering Wednesday post next week, but all in all, I will be unplugging for the week. So if you miss my updates, check out some of my older posts from the past year and a half until I return to the Big Apple. Or you can watch some of your favorite movies and tv shows on Netflix, Hulu or HBOGO. If the latter applies to you I have a funny PSA to share with you before you get started.

Have a great weekend, week and Labor Day weekend! Hard to believe we’re about to bid another summer adieu.

Ciao 🙂

California Dreaming- Day Three, Carlsbad and Downtown San Diego


July is basically over, and my trip to San Diego was one month ago, but that is no excuse not to write the final installment in my California Dreaming saga. Actually, since it’s Thursday, this could technically be considered a throwback post if I wanted it to be, and therefore it shall! So without further ado…

My travel diary conclusion

My final full day in San Diego was definitely a special one because I was able to spend the whole day with Michelle!!! While I definitely enjoyed exploring bits and pieces of the San Diego area, being able to wander around with a close friend my final day in town was the perfect champagne topper to a fantabulous birthday treat! It was a beautiful and sunny day that Saturday, as I got into my car headed for the 5 and Carlsbad, CA. The last time I saw Michelle was in March at Alice’s Tea Cup, our favorite catchup spot, before she flew out to San Diego to become a substitute teacher and all around helper for her sister, who was expecting her first child.

It was so good to see her and immediately pick up where we left off three months ago. First up on our itinerary was breakfast at a nearby cafe. The trio of pancakes, drip coffee and complimentary donuts were delicious as we chatted on the outdoor patio.  We headed to the house after brunch, packed up our beach bags and headed for Moonlight Beach. It may have taking me two whole days to make it to the beach, but the wait was worth it. After fighting for a parking space in front of a boathouse that was nestled in between the neighboring houses, we made our way to the ocean!

IMG_5794 IMG_5795

Great day, don’t you think!

We laid out, with our magazines, hats and sunglasses and enjoyed the day. There was a group of guys playing some sort of beach game we’d never heard of behind us, an athletic group of girls and guys playing beach ping pong and football in front of us, and two teens attempting to paddle an inflatable kiddie pool in the water (i kid you not). The activity around us, the sun shining on us, and the great conversation between us made it a heavenly afternoon.

  Beach days are exhausting and before we headed home, there was one thing I had to do. Get In-N-Out Burger! Which just so happened to be right by the freeway exit.

Not gonna lie, it was a bit of a let down :/ I know, I know any California readers, In-N-Out is a delicious SoCal institution! How dare you!!! But for me, once you have Shake Shack…it’s hard to find another good fast food style burger that lives up to the Shackburger. *in Forrest Gump voice* And that’s all I have to say about that.

The final event on my San Diego itinerary was a trip to the baseball park! (Whenever I go out of town in the summer, I find that a good day at the ballpark is an inexpensive and fun way to get the flavor of the city I’m visiting.) Not only were the Padres playing at home, but it was Free Fedora Day!!! I got peanuts and beer, sat in the same section as the “Padres” and Padres Gorilla (still don’t get it) and chatted with my seat mate, who was in town from Chicago with her husband and two sons, about the ballparks we’d been to. (for me it’s Wrigley, Orioles, the new Yankee stadium, and now Petco Park). Michelle and I sang the National Anthem, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and sang along with Phil Collins’ “Hold On” (which featured the Padres Gorilla on the drums) during the 7th inning stretch.

Looking back on Day 1, 2 and 3 of my epic California Dreaming trip, I’m proud of how much I was able to squeeze in! A bittersweet return to NYC for sure, but I CANNOT wait to make a return trip in the very near future! Until then adios San Diego!